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Thinking of re-starting!

Hi all, I did Lipotrim for 10 weeks earlier this year and lost 40lbs. Over the summer I have put on about 10lbs (all inclusive holiday in Egypt!). I am thinking of trying it again but can't seem to get my head in the right place! Is second time round harder or do you just slip back into it?

It's a fantastic diet....the only one I have managed to stick to, seeing the weight drop off each week used to really spur me on, but I need to be 100% ready and I'm not quite there yet!!

Any thoughts from anyone who has restarted?:D
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I've just had my 5th week weigh in on my 2nd time around and i just slipped right back into it.

I think i found it easy cuz im so determined to get rid of the rest of the weight.

You can do it if you put your mind to it chick :)


A little of everything!
I'm just over a week into my second stint- and I reckon you head really has to be in the right place. I'd gotten used to eating again, and was maintaining, so was in two minds about trying to lose the rest, but I knew I'd never settle until I tried. I only have 3wks worth of shakes left (pharmacy won't 'let' me do it anymore so I'm going it alone!) so I knew I had to be 100% ready to give it a go.
I found it pretty easy to get back into it. I miss the actual act of sitting down for a meal, and had a stinker of a cold the first few days which left me with no appetite, so you could say I had it easier than some! LOL! But I think your head really needs to be in the right place to do it again.
Thanks for replying so quickly!

I think it's actually deciding on a start date that is hard, a few times I have thought right that's it I am going to restart, and then it doesn't happen so I put it off for another week and then another week. 1st time around I had a holiday booked so that was kind of gave me the motivation to start, whereas now I don't have a holiday or anything to focus on and lose the weight for...if that makes sense!


A little of everything!
What about all those Christmas parties? I have a slinky size 12 outfit I want to get into! LOL!
Hey all, I lost 20 kg first time round too, and 10 has crept back, so now I'm going for it second time round. ruby, I know exactly how you feel - I meant to start 5 weeks ago, got the shakes and just could'nt take the plunge. Anyway, for me, today is the day.
Anybody wanna buddy? let me know. It helped me loads last time.
Good luck Deflating! I was originally going to restart in September once the kids had gone back to school, I really have no excuse, I will just have to bite the bullet. I think once I have the first couple of shakes there will be no turning back...it's just taking that first step again!!

Irish, I would love to wear a slinky dress for Christmas so may make that my goal!!


A little of everything!
There you go then! LOL!
yeah, get on the bus, you never know when the next one will show up. You've done well before, so you are obviously a fighter and will crack it. Its not easy tho lol.
Hey Deflating, I'm also starting my 2nd stint today.
Only half way through the first day but surviving.

I'm a 'grazer' - like splitting everything up, so get plenty of shakes/flapjacks through the day.
Is it wrong I actually like the peanut flapjacks??
Just sat down with half and a cup of black tea - feels quite indulgent to me!!

Good luck and hopefully we can spur each other on x
I've had a couple of breaks so this is my third time this year. I found it so easy to get back into. So much easier than worrying what to eat. Wish real life eating was as easy as this x

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