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Thinking Of Starting Celebrity Slim? All You Need to Know...

Im supposed to be doing work for uni and enjoying a week of work. Plus I have far too much time on my hands so I thought I would post this.

so what is celebrity slim?

celebrity slim is a diet that has came over from down under. it consists of having meal replacement shakes, sous and bars for 2 of your 3 main meals a day.
this diet isn't about starving yourself its all about finding a new way of eating!

one of the main focuses of celebrity slim is cutting back on carbs. when you eat things such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes they are stored in your body for energy. when you exercise its the carbs that get burned off first before the fat which you want to get rid of!!!
so by cutting down on carbs what is left for the body to use for that essential energy ...the fat of course!

so burning fat = losing those excess pounds

what is a typical day on celebrity slim?

nearly everybody i think of will eat three meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner. and unless your super slim and super sensible admit it, we all snack too. the aim of celebrity slim is like i mentioned above, repalce two of those main meals with celebrity slim products.

this is just an example...
breakfast - strawberry shake
snack - tangerine
lunch - garden vegetable soup
snack - fridge raiders
dinner - beef stir fry
snack - half an apple

you should aim to consume around 1200 to 1300 calories a day.

you should also be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, not only will this keep you from getting dhydrated it'll keep things moving and keep you nice and healthy!;)

the main meal you have should work out about 1/4 meat 3/4 vegetables. the higher the protein the better.

but if your a vegetarian have veggies galore:p

what products can you get?

shakes: strawberry, chocolate, banana, caffe latte, vanilla and caramel

soups: roast chicken, country vegetable and beef and tomato

bars: chocolate fudge or berry fudge

you can get the soups and shakes in assorted boxes

where can i get celebrity slim products?

at local rowlands pharmacys or online at rowland pharmacys

what are the costs involved?

you can buy a starter pack at £32.99 which will give you a shaker for the shakes and soups, the starter guide and a mixture of all the products so you can suss out what you like and dont like.

shakes: im not sure on the individual price but a box of 14 which is a weeks supply is £24.99

soups: 7 day supply box £12.99

bars: single £2.29 or a box of 12 £25.19

you can replace the celebrity slim bars with atkins ones. you get a wider variety and depending where you get them from a box of five will cost around £5 - £6

are there any side effects?

you tend to be a bit headachey and flu like in the first week of the diet but that soon passes.

what is the weight loss like?

in the first week it can be anywhere from 4lbs to 16lbs. but it depends on what you weigh and how much you stick to the diet.

after that a sensible weight loss should be between 1lb - 3lbs a week

what to do if you slip up?

forget about it and start again. atm this forum is all lovely ladies who are super supportive and will help you with everything you need!

soo good luck if you're joining us on here and remember all those extra inches will soon be a thing of the past!

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Always Struggling...
Wow Kel! That's a great post! Deserves "sticky" status I think!

Aren't the bars 12 for £25.19? Or am I being ripped off?!!
i better check that one out...
i thought it was 15...jeez 12 is a bit of a rip off.

give god thanks for good old atkins!
Hey, Im on my 2nd week of CS, on the first week I lost 7lbs woo hoo but this week i havent lost anything.. My weight seems to be up and down this week.. Is this normal for the 2nd week??
I havent changed anything from the first week!! :(
Hey, Im on my 2nd week of CS, on the first week I lost 7lbs woo hoo but this week i havent lost anything.. My weight seems to be up and down this week.. Is this normal for the 2nd week??
I havent changed anything from the first week!! :(

not really no, you should normally have a loss in your second week.

can you let me know what you have been eating.
how much water have you drank?
is it TOTM
how much do you actually need to lose?

i know it sounds a bit personal just trying to figure where you may have gone wrong!
i forgot to add, have you had your official weigh in for week 2?
The pharmacy where I get the CS does not weigh people so I have been going it myself at home.. Tonight is my offical weigh in for the 2nd week...

Starting weight: 12st 5lbs
week one weigh in 11st 12lbs
Want to be 10st 7lbs

I weighed myself last night and I was still 11st 12lbs.. It had fell during the week to 11st 10.8 & 11st 11lbs but nothing less..

Typical day for me...

08.00am CS Shake
11.00am handfull of blueberries and 3ltbps of natural yogurt
13.00hrs CS Shake
16.00hrs Carrotts sticks
19.30hrs Chicken stir fry/Prawn cocktail with salad or steak and veg

Maybe im eating too late in the evenings? I work until 6 so I dont get a chance to sit down and have my dinner until late.. I havent been great on the water either.. Id drink maybe a ltr a day if im honest.. Have started drinking water today aiming to drink 3ltrs..
i cant see anything wrong with the diet, i think its just the lack of water

you basically need to flush your system out.

aslong as you carry on with what your doing it'll come off dont worry.

i noticed that you weighed yourself during the week, i wouldnt advise that as (a) it can drive you mega crazy and (b) your weight fluctuates during the day with what ever you have been eating/drinking and i know it sounds minging but when you go to the loo.

you havent drunk much water...so can i ask what have you been drinking?

Well I have been having a few btls of diet coke but thats like one a day not any more.. I do have 3-4 coffees a day too..
Coffee keeps me going but maybe this is bad too??

I know I have to stop the mid week weigh ins, I am driving myself crazy but the curosity got the better of me hehe

Appreciate your advice, I was feeling really down in the dumps about it today.. :) but im feeling motivated again yeyyy
keep up the positiveness...give us a tick and il check out the coffee and what your allowed!
grrrr cant find it...when you started cs did you get the starter pack?
Yes I did and it said that you can have 3 coffee's a day.. I might just cut down on it anyways..

Lets hope next week is a little better.. Congrats to you BTW you are doing great!!

Thanks again for replying to me.. I just needed someone to tell me to stick with it..

hey you...stick with it!


just post on the forum anytime and someone will answer. we're here to support one another;)
Hi Mellib, I've just finished my 2nd week too & I know what you mean about jumping on the scales between official weigh ins. I do it all the time but your weight can vary between 2.2lbs in a few hours(I know that cos the nice man who talks to me through the wii fit told me):eek:
I've promised I'm not going to do it this week but if the wii man tells me I can........I just might:giggle:


Bring on the trumpets
Lol Moonstone and the Wii man.............
hes tasty like;)


Full Member
aww i love it when he makes little jokes like..

him: how long do you think you are sleeping?
ME: 6-8 hrs
him: Personally, i prefer to sleep with alkaline batteries..

or the other day he was telling me about lukewarm baths before bedtime to get you sleeping.. and then he said "i couldn't have one otherwise i would sleep for a veryyyyy long time!" bless him.

i wuvv him (apart from when he asks what is the reason for your weight gain and doesnt give a bloody option for TOTM!!!)

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