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Thinking of starting Lipotrim Advice needed


I'm thinking of starting this on Saturday, but I just thought I'd ask you guys sone questions to put my mind at ease before I go :)

I'm fine with the diet, but when you type in Lipotrim you get some negative results on Google!

My main concerns are, hair loss ( I have fine long hair) has anybody had major hair loss or has it been managable?

I realise I will need to do excersice to tone up, but when you loose the weight, does it leave a lot of loose skin?

Thanks in advance

I have about 6 stone to loose so I'm looking forward to doing this, just wanted a few niggles ironing out!

Faye xx
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Hi Faye,

Don't panic! lol. i did Lipotrim 2 years ago, (have put all the weight back on again - my fault not lipotrim's!) and am starting again tomorrow.

I did lose a little hair, but it was manageble and there wasnt great clumps or anything.

I lost about 6 stone, and have a particularly big belly so i was worried about loose skin but it just didnt happen.

Don't worry about it, and don't beleive everything you read from googling. everyone on here will tell you it is a miracle diet and you will be rid of that 6 stone in less than a year and you'll be wondering what you were worried about!!

Hi Faye, just read everyone threads on the Lipotrim Forum, our experiences only vary slightly, the main thing is that it's the fastest and eventually easiest weight loss plan I have ever experienced. Nothing to weigh out, no cooking a different meal to your family, just mix the shake and glug, glug, glug the water! I will go back to the gym to tone up a bit but have to say I now absolutely love my body at a size 14.


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Hi, im thinking of trying this too. Is it practically the same principle as the Cambridge diet?

Where do I get it from and roughly how much is it?

Thanks x


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Thanks Sarah, just had a look and the nearest pharmacy is about 45 mins away. Grr. Is there any other way of doing it or not? Can you get it on prescription?


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Some GPs do it I believe but it's mainly pharmacies now I think.

Regarding hair loss ... I have VERY fine hair and it's quite thin on top too :eek:( . I hadn't heard about the possibility of hair loss on a VLCD before I started and was mortified when I did hear! However I haven't lost any - and believe me it would be VERY noticeable if I had! x
Same here, Jan....the thought of losing my hair :eek: I used Nourkorin (hair restorer) a couple of years ago, it cost £50.00 a month with very little result...then there's pressure to buy the shampoo etc!!! But my OH said he'd love me if I was bald.....awww bless!!!!


I will be skinny again!!!
Ive been shedding hair after doing lipotrim but dont have any bald spots yet :) xxx
Hi Faye

WElcome and good luck. I'd say quite simply this is a wonderful diet and you have the potential to lose a lot of weight in a relaly surprising space of time.

I've got thin hair but not noticed any difference - but everyone's different.

Good luck if you decide to start LT, i can't recommend it highly enough and have experience no negative side effects (not even in week 1, though many have a very hard time so be aware of that - headaches, hunger pangs.


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Good luck to you all for your start on TFR. With regards to hair loss, you won't notice until you start refeeding. It shouldnt be a big problem though as it is dead hair making way for new hair.:)


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