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Thinking of starting Lipotrim


I'm new here. I just found out about Lipotrim at my doctors yesterday. I watched the dvd and am thinking about trying it out. I have a lot of weight to lose. I'm currently 17st6. I had a baby last november but I'm not breastfeeding.

I'm just not sure if I want to do this one or the cambridge diet. Any help choosing would be great.

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Hey there and welcome to Minimins.

Having done both lipotrim and cambridge I would prefer cambridge mainly because their products are nicer and they have more of a range. Having said that the losses are the same on both.

I started Cambridge again 3 weeks ago on Sunday and have lost 20lb so far... Start weight 18st 3lb now I'm 16st 11lb. First week can be tough but once ya get into it its actually ok!!!

Good luck with choosing whether to do it or not.

Gen xxx

I'm in touch with a cambridge consultant and am waiting to get an appointment my doctors for the Lipotrim. I think I'll speak to both sides before making a decision. Just hoping this forum will have a input in what I decide too.


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Cambridge is a lot more expensive than lipotrim. I'm only paying £33 per week. There is much more choice on cambridge and it is more tasty and flexible. Don't do lipotrim unless you can commit fully to the programme.I find LT very easy as it stops me having to make a choice. I know If I had 2 shakes and then could have a meal everyday, I would go straight off the rails. The shakes on LT enables your palate to have a complete break, some people find they don't like the things they did previously when they get back on food. I wish that worked with me and chocolate lo : )


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Hi, I am on the LT for the last 2 weeks. And have lost 16lbs. I started out at over 20 stone. I have tried ww/atkins and a few more diets. I find that when I can eat what I like, just in moderation. I don't do it.
The first couple of days were the hardest, your not hungry. But you feel you should be eating something! I need to lose over 9 stone and get a much healthier BMI. Best of luck with whatever you do :) Helen

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
LT will give you a COMPLETE break from ALL food. This gives you the time to break the habit of constantly opening the fridge or planning your next meal. It also allows you the time to think about your eating habits, what you eat, why you eat, when you eat etc. If these are issues you need to address then LT is a good plan.
The selection of flavours is poor but then it is not a gourmet diet. Best to regard them as medecine and just get them down. The first week is tough as your body detoxes and moves into ketosis. One you get used to it, it is really very easy to do it as there is no consideration of food at all.
lots of luck to you for whichever you choose.
Thanks for your input guys! I'm going to talk to a CD counsellor and my doctor so I can make a decision as to which one to go for. My only problem with the Lipotrim is that my doctors who run it don't get and good feedback from people that do it. They say lack of personal interaction. So that worries me a little. I need all the help I can get lol

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