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Thinking of switching from LLT

Hi all

I'm only at day 7 on total and seriously considering switching to lite. I have roughy 2 stone left to lose. I feel really miserable on total and really cant see me sticking it out for another 6-8 weeks.

However I know I may feel differently after my first weigh in and session tonight.

What I want to know is, Is the counselling worth the money we pay on the plan? The reason I ask this is celebrity slim is very similar to lite (I know it has more calories in it etc) but the principal is the same. 2 meal replacements and high protein meal and costs about £35 per week. Then there's celebrity slims sister company Slimmm which is exactly the same but even cheaper again. And of course there's atkins and the new Atkins. Both of Which u enter ketosis on. All of these appear a lot cheaper that LL but u don't get the counselling.

So in ur opinion is it worth the extra money for the counselling?

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Also I forgot to say. The main reason I'm miserable on total is because I'm really struggling with the food packs. I feel like I'm paying a lot of money to force the packs down myself when I really don't like them. I dont mind the shakes and 1 or 2 of the soups but can't bare be porridge, chili and shepherds pie. Not a fan of the bars either but can eat them but could do without if u get me.

So the thought of living off these for the next few weeks makes me feel awful. Whereas I think if I had an evening meal of conventional food to look forward to I wouldn't feel so bad. But then I suppose that's a psychological issue too x
Hi Littlemrs....I did LLT for 9 months are took time off at xmas...and lost 6 stone ...I only used strawberry and vanilla and nut crunch bars in all that time because I didnt like the rest...and I enjoyed the counselling sessions we had in the begining...but got bored as more and more people I started with dropped out...in the end I felt it was like ground hog day...I was hearing the same stuff over and over...when she bothered to do them...as the practice grew that was less and less...so no...I dont think its worth shelling out 50 euro extra to do it...the support you get online here is terrific and free...and advice from people who have done it themselves is invaluable...the slim and save bars are very good..and people rave about the spag bol and cottage pie too although I am waiting for mine to arrive...so best of luck petal...x fireflii
Thanks for ur reply. It's really helpful. So what brand are these spaghetti Bol and cottage pies u mentioned? I'm really in 2 minds about what to do at the moment. My group is at 8.30 so I'll speak to my LLC and go from there. I really don't wanna give up so early on so hopefully I'll continue a bit longer and get some positivity back. The fact that I've only got 2 stone to lose Should keep me going x

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