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Extra Easy Days thinking of trying EE can some1 check this would be right please


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good evening everyone:D ive been doing SW for a few weeks now and have lost 6lb which im really happy about but im getting a bit bored of having green days all the time (i dont really seem to do well on red days:confused:) so i fancy jumping over to extra easy for a week to see how i go but im really unsure of it especially the 1/3 superfree foods so it would be great if someone could take a quick look over my suggested plan.

breakfast - fruit and a yoghurt

morning snack - alpen light bar (3syns) and a yoghurt

lunch - cheese salad sandwich using lettuce, tomato and cucumber (using A & B choice for cheese and bread)


beans on toast with cheese on top (A & B) with a fruit bowl afterwards

dinner - tomato pasta made with loads of free veg, bacon and a quorn chicken fillet on the side - DO I STILL HAVE TO ADD A 1/3 SUPERFREE FOOD TO THIS MEAL???


diet coke chicken with sw chips and mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers

evening snack - yoghurt and alpen light bar (3), or a curlywurly (6) or both lol

sorry its turned out a bit of a long post so if your still reading then thanks lol, what do you think of it, let me know if ive got the 1/3 correct please x
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Ooo, now all those choices sound fab! :D:D

As long as your tomato pasta has the equivalent of 1/3 of a plate of veg, then no, you don't need any more superfree. if it doesn't, then you might want to have something like a side salad with it :)

Other than that, your 1/3 superfree is fine hun xxx


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thanks dudette, it just seems so weird to all of a sudden start mixing everything together but hey ho i know from here that it works so its worth a try:)

think ill start it from tomorrow even though WI day was on tuesday so ive only got 4 days to try EE before WI again lets hope it works and i get a nice loss :D
I didn't know you were supposed to have a 1/3 superfree on ee days.....is that with every meal guys? maybe that is where i'm going wrong.....i'm doing ee but just sticking to freefoods not necessarily superfree!
Should have a third superfree with every meal (where possible) and choose superfree as snacks first.

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