Total Solution Thinking of trying exante for 6 months, any experience?


Hi everyone! So im considering starting exante, total solution, on the 1st of March. I have about 6 stone to lose and as this diet gives you the ability to lose about a stone a month i'll do it for 6. Has anyone tried it for 6 months and been successful? Obviously 6 months is a long time so im wondering were there any side effects? I really need to shed this 6 stone, its making me so unhappy. :(

How is does exante work around your full time job? any problems?
when and how long should you have a break for food?

Is exante worth it???

I'm really hoping someone can answer these for me!

Thank you!!
-Layla x
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Hi Hun, welcome :)

I'd say it is totally worth it, aslong as you get in the right frame of mind. Don't go into it with a 6 month deadline as such, just aim for the 6 stone and it WILL fall of if you stick with the diet :)

i started 8 weeks ago weighing 14st 12lb and am now 12st 8lb. So a loss of 2st 4lbs in 8 weeks, deffo worth it :) There are lots of people on the diet from all kinds of professions, and you will find your own way of working around the packs. It becomes totally normal once you get into the first week so don't worry.

Once ketosis kicks in after a few days, the hunger should subside and you will find it much easier, like habit. Some of us have to force 3 packs down because we are just not hungry anymore. There will be tough times, and testing times, but we are here to support you through them like we have all done for each other :)

You will lose that weight on this plan, and learn lots of new changes you can make to ensure you keep it of. We all exchange tips, hints, advice etc and it helps so much. I have sailed through these 8 weeks because of the friends I have made on this forum!

I have had no health problems, and no food break. Exante now say you can have a low calorie week instead of the food week. This means only needing an extra 200 calories a day on that week. Some do working solution for one week on the th week, some don't bother and continue on the 3 packs a day with no issues. It's your choice depending on what's best for you :)

I hope you have a great journey and I'm sure the first weeks loss will kick start you because they are usually a nice chunk off! Best of luck Hun you can do it :) xx


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I too have around 6 stone to lose and aiming to lose it in 6 months. So far I've lost 2 stone in 7 weeks so so far it seems do able :D

Sometimes the weight loss slows down as you get nearer to goal weight and don't have masses to lose anymore but that is when will switch to working solution and begin routinely and consistent exercise.

I wish I'd started this years ago but at the moment from being over 15stone to now nearly in the 12's in somewhere I didn't think I would be 7 weeks ago!!

All the best :D xx


Thank you ladies for your wonderful reply's! Cant wait to make loads of lovely new friends on here! :) xxx