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Thinking Positively

S: 145lb
I've come to the end of my own wick!

I'm tired of trying to cut out processed foods and doing great for a week, then binge eating because I feel like I can't do it. One of the most frustrating things about trying to eat healthy is that no one my age even cares about eating healthy, of course unless they're overweight. The thing is that I'm not actually overweight and I don't necessarily need to lose weight. Heck, I don't even want to. Healthy eating to me is about feeling good. Lately I have been getting the worst headaches, heart-burns, and overall feeling disgusting after eating processed foods. I've tried many different things, but I feel alone in trying to eat completely natural foods.
Therefore, I am starting this forum. A few weeks ago I started the Whole30 paleo program, but I've decided to do it but make my own. Well, really I'm just adding things into it. Like peanut butter. And Ezekiel bread.
Anywho, we shall see how this goes. Having support and accountability makes a huge difference. My goal is to go the rest of this month with only natural foods and I know that after 2 weeks of eating completely natural, I'll be able to keep with it. I did it last summer for 30 days, I know that I'm able to do it again.

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S: 145lb

I lacked self-control today. :\
breakfast: hot cup of chamomile tea and a piece of Ezekiel bread with natural pb and apple butter
lunch: almost a whole Jack's pizza, large cup of hot chocolate and a candy cane, one slice of bread with cheese

will juice before bed! I have a splitting headache and feel gross. My teeth feel gross because of the sugar and I feel as though I ate garbage! I need to remember how I feel every time I'm tempted to eat junk...
S: 145lb
Today is a new day, therefore it's a good day; I can do it! This morning I woke up at 7 and laid in bed on my phone for a bit and then got up and had my God and tea time! I love waking up early, it's good for my soul! This week is my first week of my 16 week training plan for the Indy mini in May! I can't stand running on the treadmill, but due to the winter wonderland I am forced to. Unfortunately, I got a heartburn a half a mile into my 3 mile run, and I had to stop to walk for a mile or so. I'm not discouraged about this because I know it'd due to what I've been eating. This happened the last two times I tried to run as well (both right after binging on Christmas food). I know that as I train more I'll grow stronger and the heart-burns will cease! Breakfast: slice of Ezekiel bread w/ pb and apple butter, apple
Lunch: juiced beet, kale, dandelion, orange, apple, chard, ginger, parsley and had omelet (2 eggs) w/ spinach and broccoli.
Snack: air-popped popcorn w/ coconut oil and sea salt
Dinner: cauliflower crust pizza w/ cheddar cheese and beef
Before dinner I had other half of orange and mint tea.
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S: 145lb
Today was a good day!

B: two slices of Ezekiel bread with PB and apple butter bc I was going in for a 4 hr shift at work!
L: sweet potato fries (cut up sweet potato and baked), slice of cheese
D: tuna, beans, mustard, corn and broccoli mixed together
Snack: air popped popcorn w/ coconut oil, had some plain chex and had an apple

Today wasn't tough, although I found that I didn't want sugar until i went to the grocery store.

I will remain strong and refrain though.
I can do it!
S: 145lb
Forgot to post yesterday:
Yesterday was a little tough, same as today. I was craving chocolate and still am, but I'm not giving in to my weekend binges!
Yesterday I woke up and had:
B: Ezekiel bread w/ apple butter and PB and a boiled egg
Came home and RAN 3 MILES!!! Like I actually RAN IT! WITHOUT HEARTBURN! :D that was so exciting!!! During the run I prayed and I found that helped to make it go faster- I'm gonna start doing that for every run, especially the long runs! I ha such a runners high after too...
L: cottage cheese w/ beans and olives, then I made my awesome banana bread! I love it because it relies on the banana as a sole sweetener- no added honey or any sugar.
D: sweet potato fries and a salad w/ oven baked fish w/ balsamic dressing
S: Apple and banana bread


B: pan cooked diced apples and slice of Ezekiel bread with apple butter
L: rices cauliflower and 2 eggs
S: air popped popcorn w/ coconut oil


G: 105kg
We all have our low days maraiahrachellej and thank you for being up front and honest about yours. I have low points and this is where our commitment, strength and effort really have to be engaged from the depths of our resolve and purpose to keep moving forward positively.

Holding onto the positive self image of who we are transforming ourselves to be is a wonderful internal inspiration to keep up growing and moving forward.

Strategies I use throughout the day is to constantly talk myself up with positive affirmations as well as listening to my favorite motivational soundtrack on YouTube.