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Thinking too far ahead


I WILL be thin!!
I'm really pleased with this diet and want to continue on SS til my holiday in October. But I'm thinking (and worrying) about the damage that I will do on holiday (its all inclusive). Whats the best way to minimise damage? No doubt I will have to SS when I get back.;)
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WILL be Slim!
hate to say it but the joys of this diet is that your time off food can be about learning about wise healthier choices....
So, you do SS between now and the holiday, and then make good choices when your there but enjoy yourself!
just becuase holidays are about letting your hair down a bit, doesnt mean you have to come back with an extra stone in weight on! lol

I've been learning that when i go back to eating, if i want to eat cake, i will, but i see it for what it is now....and accept that it will have an effect on the scales and a consequence afterwards!

Just focus on losing the weight now hun, and then enjoy your holidays hun!!!! :D I would imagine you will be out and about a lot anyway so the exercise might help combat any potential gains!


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Hun, wait till you get a bit closer to your holiday. See where you're at by then. Usually to maintain your weight you can move up to a higher plan while you're away so you don't do damage. Then after you can decide what plan to go back to or stay on.

It is of course good to plan in advance I find but you have a while yet. Who knows how far you'll be. It's exciting and you're doing really well xxx
when u go away my advice is have the shakes for brekie and lunch have a dinner u enjoy but try to limit carbs

the week before u go maybe have some chicken every night and salad jsut to get ur body used to eating

when u are away jsut drink drink drink water during day

come back get straight back on to ss for 2-3 days then weigh urself bet ur less or very limited damage


I WILL be thin!!
Shakes on holiday? :cry:I was hoping for being good with fruit :p


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I am in the same boat ! Holiday is in 8 weeks I think and I am wondering about how to be sensible, when we have meals included each night and breakfast. I am hoping I can be sensible, enjoy myself but not go mad. I am planning to move up plans the week before, get myself used to eating again.

Guess we both need to see how the next weeks go and see where we are before we go !


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Moving up to a higher plan the week before or two weeks before is a good idea. Drink plenty of water during the day, keep on the move and remember to enjoy your holiday. You will be much closer the both of you to goal by then too. Given that know that you will make good choices and return to finish what you started upon return. You aren't giving up and dont doubt yourself and your decisions when not on CD.

Think more about this when you are closer, perhaps about 4 weeks away.


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When I did cd in the run up to my wedding, I stayed on 810 right up until the day of the wedding because I needed to shrink in to my dress (which I managed to the point where it was almost too big!) but, as a result, when I went on honeymoon to an AI resort, I carbloaded spectacularly and, as a result, put on 27lbs while away..

If I could recommend anything, move up through the plans before you go. Irrespective of whether you're there or not, you can always get back on the plan again when you come home and you'll do less damage if you're used to having carbs!

While you're there, make healthy choices, watch your portions and stay away from the cocktails - we had beach waiters bring drinks on to the beach every 45-60 minutes, so we had one each time.. I dread to think how many calories I drank and that was with non-alcoholic cocktails too!! It's the hidden calories you'll need to watch!

But also bear in mind you're on holiday, have fun, watch waht you eat 90% of the time and enjoy the other 10%!


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I'm going on holiday 5 weeks today (woohoo!) :D and will be starting to move up the plans in the next couple of weeks, to help get ready for the holiday and try to limit the water/glycogen gain I'll get if I jump straight from SS to eating.

The plan on holiday is to eat shed loads of salads and grilled fish but I will have a drink and if I want an ice cream, I will have one but in moderation and will keep drinking lots of water.

Fruit for breakfast is a great idea but if you can, stick to the fruits on one of the plans as a lot of fruit has high levels of sugars and carbs so could actually do a fair bit of damage although appearing innocent. :eek:

I'm hoping that by doing it this way, I won't gain too much! ;)


I WILL be thin!!
Where will I find a list of the right foods to eat so I'm pre-warned?


Winning a losing battle!
The yellow CD book, ask your CDC for it. It shows you what to eat while moving up the plans etc. Might be on the CD website although I haven't looked there.


I WILL be thin!!
No, I cant see it on the website. I'll have a chat with my CDC when she comes tomorrow.


Winning a losing battle!
She'll be able to get you a copy and advise on the best course of action before your holidays! Where are you off to anyway?


I WILL be thin!!
We're going to Kenya, all inclusive, hence why I dont want shakes. I want to try exotic foods :D
I'm glad this question was asked. I go on holiday in September, hoping to be at goal by then but if not then i will move up a plan anyway a week before i go. Don't want to blow it on holiday!

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