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thinking too far ahead?


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evening peeps!
i have a question, i no the CD isnt the 'easy option' and it takes a lot of will power to stick to it, but it'll get easier, i hope..
i havent even started it yet, due to start on tuesday, but after you loose the weight im really dubious about whether you just put it back on again wen u start eating 'normally' again?

im just thinking ahead thats all, as i really dont want to undo what will be a lot of hard work.. has any1 struggled to keep it off?
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yeah i no, ive been looking just now and their stories are an inspiration.. every1 has done sooo well...

i think its just the fact that ive never done it before and dont no what to expect
What is eating "normally"
If normal for you is too much food, the wrong food, or too much of the wrong food, then of course you will, but I've seen people take 5 years to lose 3 stone on weight watchers and put it back on in 6 months by making this mistake.

Do stabilisation. You do sole source, then 790, then 1000, then 1200...etc...gradually introducing extra food groups, YES EVEN CARBS lol. You'll be fine. Dont listen to everyone who knows nothing about it who say "oh you'll put it all back on". They want you to put it back on...to maintain the status quo. You = at them = feel better about themselves.

Me = old cynic
That was supposed to read you = fat, them = feel better about themselves.
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thanks buxom... that makes a lot of sense, since i decided to start the diet ive had soo many people say 'you'll put it back on'or 'do it the right way' etc etc.. but looking at the success stories spurs me on.. i think it needs someone thats been there and done it and is still at the taregt weight to actually tell me that..

im really looking forward to it..

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