Too scared to be fat


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Thank you for your message.
Wish you all the best with your weight loss journey.

Last time I did the cambridge diet. Very similar.
The reason I did not go back to that was you have to see a consultant. Which is fine.
But I really just do not get the time.
I'm still working as I work on retail banking. So I'm leaving the house 4 days a week.
I would love to surprise my family when they see me next with at least 2 st off.
I've not told anyone other then my husband what I'm doing.
I feel like if u tell people it adds to the pressure xx

Hi :)

Well done on doing so well with your plan! You did really well with your pop chips Saturday whilst you partner had take away :)

I've done the Cambridge Diet before too then changed to Exante so I didn't have to go to the consultant. It's definitely easier to do it yourself at home.

It'll be nice to surprise your family, once we can see them again. I'm looking forward to doing the school run in September and not feeling so self conscious. I've actually found that I am able to do this really well at the moment with no rushing about for school runs etc.

Have a good Sunday x


Glad your finding it easier on lockdown.
So am I. The other thing is because I'm still working but different hours 1-5. I eat before i go. There is talk from june having to be there 9-5 again.
My daughter starts school in September and I was already thinking about sports day and what I'd look like.
I just want to be a healthy example to my daughter.
Keep me posted on ur progress xx


Almost at the end of day 5
Spent the morning ironing and going through old photos.
Made me emotional, looking back at the old me. My 1st holiday with friends, my 1st flat, old work photos and it made me think.
I've never been smaller the a size 14/16. I would love to do it this time.


End of day 7.
I'm feeling it at the moment.
Every night I feel like I need a snack. I'm staying on plan. I've not cheated. But I feel like I could.
I'm going to make up some jelly to see if they helps me xx

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If you know that evenings are you weak point and that you may be tempted with a snack, plan for it and have things on standby. The jelly is a good idea my go to snacks are fruit (melon, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries raspberries) which tastes too good to by syn free, quavers if I fancy savoury (only 4 1/2 syns) and fibre one milk chocolate popcorn bars (only 3 1/2 syns) which have just enough chocolate to make me feel I've indulged a little.

you are doing great so far


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Hey! How is everyone? Did I read someone was on lighter life, looking for some LL buddies!