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**Thinner Thursday Hour By Hour**


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Good Morning !

Weigh In For Me and 4lbs off ! So I have hit 3 of my goals in one day - Lost more than I have got to go, Lost 2 stone and in the 12's - feeling really positive !

Today is my last day and I am back to work tomorrow after a month - I am really nervous but pleased to be getting back, I have really missed my job and my friends !

Today I am going to make sure the house is spotless and do my washing/ironing so I can have a relaxing weekend !

Hope everyone has a lovely day !
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Going for Goal!
Morning Charley and all those to follow!

Charley - 4lbs WOOHOO! Well done hun :)

I was up bright and early this morning, showered, hair dried and straightened, ready for my gynae appointment...ARGH!

Well last night, can you believe me and HB went to a park (large field really ) and I did some jogging! And kicking/running after a ball! I was totally shattered when I got home. But for once I didn't lack confidence (I never would have dreamed going jogging in a PUBLIC place some 2 months ago!) and I actually really enjoyed it.

We did it to take my mind off this morning's appointment and it was HB idea that I may sleep better, and boy did I sleep! LMAO!

I feel quite refreshed this morning. Just a little nervous about 'tests' but as you've all said, they have seen it all before, so...so be it!

I'll update later.

Hope everyone has a brilliant 100% day :)

Big Hugs x x x


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Woohooo 4lbs Charley! Well done!

Emma that's excellent news about the exercise. I may follow your lead and go for a brisk walk along the beach this afternoon.

I have my weigh in this morning. I'm just waiting for the plasterer to turn up to start on the bedroom and then I'm off to see my CDC.


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That's great Charley, an excellent loss.
Well done on the exercise Emma.
Good luck with your weigh in Guru.

I haven't got much planned for today; I have a bad chest infection which has made me feel pretty ill, but I have to soldier on as I have driving lesson today in the afternoon. I also need to stop scale hopping, as I've gone up 0.2lbs since weigh in and have not lost anything. I'm hoping that it is due to totm. I haven't been doing anything differently, although I've started having a glass of sparkling water with water flavouring each night. Does anyone else find sparkling water or the water flavouring stalls their loss??


Mistress of the Dark
Morning everyone!

I'm on day 3 of my restart and still 100% (yay me!). No ketosis yet though :confused: and the scales are only showing a 4lbs loss so far. Hoping that speeds up a bit but my TOTM is due so probably not the best week to restart!!!

Back at work aswell and not too chuffed. Really getting sick of it now I know I only have just under 7 weeks left to go! At least I can doss around on Minis all day!!!

Just about to start glugging the water! x


Mistress of the Dark
Does anyone else find sparkling water or the water flavouring stalls their loss??
Water flavouring knocks me out of ketosis AND gives me a rash on my neck. I think it's the aspartame in it.

It has never affected my weightloss though. I don't see how sparkling water would either?? x


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I think I'm just being paranoid as I keep scale hopping and have not lost since WI. I've only introduced sparkling water and water flavouring so I thought it could be that, but it could be a number of factors x


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Good Luck Emma for today, will be thinking of you and well done on the jogging !

Guru, good luck for weigh in !

Sbridge - hope you feel better soon and I have a teaspoon of flavouring in sparkling water each day and it seems ok?

Hi Soon, I am back to work too on Friday after 4 weeks off, well done on your 3 days, ketosis is coming !


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Morning all.

Thought I'd pop in and get my head around the diet ready for my restart on Monday. The hour by hour thread always kept me going, so here I am trying to motivate myself.

Sbridge, I had tonsillitis last time I did CD and had to come off it. But I did do a bit of research and know that when you are ill, your body can retain water- can't remember why but I'm sure it'll shift when you're feeling better. You might need to drink a bit more if you're under the weather too. Hope you feel brighter soon and good luck with the driving lesson.

Good luck all with WIs and well done on the 4lbs Charley. Hope the appointment goes well Emma, I'll be thinking of you (remember to wear clean knickers ;))


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Thanks Charley, I thought it could have been the water flavouring and sparkling water but totm is on its way and I'm sick, so I think that could be the reason.

Thanks Lisalulu, I shall drink some more water and all the best with your restart on Monday, you'll do fabulous x


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Soon...you know you can do this and when tempted to eat you can come and see us !

It will be odd as I can't access minimins at work :( As it is a forum and they are banned - boo!

I will have to go back to checking in on an evening and also wednesdays, my day off !

I am off the week of 10th August and the week of 31st August tho ! I have become quite the addict to this forum !!!!!!!!
Good Morning All!

Emma great result.
Gem good for you for sticking with it
Charley -4 is amazing and a good house clean will be a day well spent. I love cleaning know I am a saddo.
Sbridge feel better
Guru good luck.

I suffered through my annual review yesterday where my boss rated me average for the 3rd year in a row and no payrise. Very depressing but I didnt eat. xx


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Ah sorry to hear that Quizzical...........I got successed, which must be the same as yours, and I was a bit peed as I work harder than anyone, have reams of compliments and deal with tricky work, the reason I didn't get exceeded was because they were all to do with customer service and one of my objectives I had been rewarded for (won an award for it) so really annoyed ! I did get a bonus in April and I am hoping for another at the end of the year, we will see.

It's quite annoying when you know you work harder than others and put more effort in yet you are on the same pay ! I could have took it further but just couldn't be bothered really, the payrise this year is hardly anything anyways !


Mistress of the Dark
Aww bosses are horrible.

Having said that, mine is lovely and is pretty much my best friend. He's a really cool guy with shedloads of tattoos and piercings lol! Not your typical boss!


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Right, well 5lb off so that's not bad!

Bosses suck eh? Oh hang on... I'm the boss...

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