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Third dissapointing weigh-in in a row - help!!!!


New Member

Really down in the dumps!!! I've jst completed my first month and for the last two weeks I haven't lost anything!!! I've lost 13 pounds in the first two weeks nothing in the third week and actually put on half a pund in the fourth week!!!!!

Feeling really discouraged! I've followed sole source to the T - not a scrap has passed my lips except shakes, water and coffee for a month!

I know it's a plateau and I'm probably retaining water - but for two weeks?? Am i still loosing weight -will my next weigh in show a big lost? Or am I in for another dissapointment - I'm not sure if I can take another!!!

Please help!!!
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The Diet Guy
It is unusual I will give you but I had a girl who lost 0, then 0.5 and then lost 9 pounds in week 3 so it does happen!! The fact is you can't NOT lose weight on this diet, it has to work!!

Just to check are you taking any medication, or any extras such as coke, mints or anything ?

Check the pink and blue book and just make sure you are doing the diet 120%

Also are you over exercising maybe? and are you drinking more than the minimum water?



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I've definately followed sole source tot he letter - nothing except shakes black decaf and water - I haven't drunk as much water this last week as I did the first two weeks though I must say. No medication or anything either (not even headache tablets!!!!

Do you really think i'l loose a lot next weigh in???? :sigh:


The Diet Guy
Yes I do, if you are just on packs, water and coffee then you are on the fast train to being slim and hence you HAVE to lose weight. Don't let the water intake drop though as that can definately affect it, if you don't lose well next week then PM me and I'll give you a call for a chat and we'll go through everything as you can't go for 3 weeks without losing anything.



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Did you measure yourself at the start ? If so check the measurements now - you may well have lost inches and it's just not showing on the scales.

I also find I weigh around 4/5 pounds more in the evening than morning (all that water - I'm up and down all night :sign0131: :eek:). So make sure you compare weight at the same time of day.

If you stick to it you will lose - you've lost nearly a stone in a month after all, which is a great loss :D and much more than other diets. Your body's probably just catching up with the loss.

Good luck :wavey:


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How much water should i be drinking - i'm sure I've not been drinking enough you know....

If i haven't been drinking enough water will i still ahve been burning fat???


The Diet Guy
I always recommend 4 litres for girls which is the minimum lighterlife recommend. Cambridge recommend 2.25 litres as a minimum as that is the average water intake of a person who is eating conventional food and hence the water replaces the water they aren't eating (if that makes sense!)

Anyway if your kidneys are full hydrated and working well then your liver can get on with the fat burning otherwise it only works at around 70% efficiency as it is helping out your kidneys, also if you don't drink enough the ketones can build up in your body and make you feel lethargic and crappy.

So you will still be losing weight if you don't drink that much but definately slower than if you get down a good 4 litres a day.

Remember not to go too mad (my GP said that more than 8 litres was not advised) but 4 litres and you'll be cooking fat to the best of your abilities and I expect the scales to show serious lossage next week!!!!

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