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  1. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Hi Everyone

    I'm feeling a sense of deja vu and, of course, embarrassment as I find myself here again. Back in 2006 I lost 6 stone on LL and weighed less than I can ever remember since being a child. I never thought that I would ever let myself slip after feeling so good wearing whatever I wanted, shopping wherever I wanted and all the other great things that not being the fattest in the room brings.

    But here I am again (with a stint on Cambridge 2 years ago in between) bigger than ever before.

    As much as I would like not to have to do another VLCD, with at least 100lbs to lose I just have to. I can't continue like this!!

    As ever, it's not good timing what with going on holiday to Sri Lanka in a 3 weeks and a 'special birthday' coming up with LOTS of celebrations .... But it never will be good timing. So I've bitten the bullet and I'm on day 3 of my new journey.

    I'm going to try to post a reason on here for staying on track every day and here's the first;

    Reason not to give up # 1 : I don't want to be an embarrassment in front of my children's friends

    I hope I can connect with other 'miniminners' on their journeys as I've already been inspired reading through some of your diaries. So .... Good Luck everyone!!!

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  3. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Best of luck!!!
  4. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Thank you ... and you too in your second month. You are doing really well!
  5. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Wow what a long day today. I could easily have spent the whole day in bed .... and with the foul mood I've been in, I probably should have been!!! Just waiting for the children to go to bed and I'll be going soon after .... feeling very hungry tonight.
  6. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Yippee - half way through day 4. Felt a little better this morning ... no headache! Still have a devil and angel sitting on my shoulders though who seem to be having a constant dialogue between themselves. The angel has won so far but it's a struggle knowing that I'll have to come off plan in a few weeks. There's a voice that keeps telling me that there's no point in doing this until I come back from holiday but ....

    Reason not to give up # 2 : I'm scared I'm going to have to ask for a seatbelt extension on the plane!!!

    So I'm going to stick at it.

  7. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    So I've woken up this morning with what feels like the worst hangover ever. Nauseous and blinding headache. Which is all very unfair. I always knew that yesterday was going to be difficult.... I had an all day exhibition to attend 200 miles away and was given a lunch and drink voucher as soon as I walked in. This was quite easy to avoid though and I used my voucher on an extra water. The only 'wobble' was when I'd pushed the next toilet stop a little too far on the way home and then got stuck in traffic. Very near disaster I might tell you!
    The really tricky part of the day that I was really nervous about was a 40th Birthday meal in the evening. I'd looked at the menu beforehand and couldn't see anything that would really fit with this diet. And I was too embarrassed to ask for many changes as I've announced so many diets to this group of friends before!! Anyway, I skipped starter and dessert and went for fish of the day. Rainbow Trout ...... which came covered in butter :( Well, I just had to get on with it. I took the skin off the fish and left all the potatoes. And do you know what, it wasn't that hard to resist everything ..... but that may have been because the arms of the chair were digging into my sides!!
    I hope this hasn't had too much effect on my weightloss, and i can't wait for Monday now.

    Reason not to give up # 3 : I hate elasticated waists
  8. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Day 6 nearly over. I've been busy with the kids so it's not been too challenging, apart from water that is. I've really struggled to keep drinking today for some reason. Must try harder tomorrow!

    Reason not to give up # 4 : I never want to be questioned at the top of a water slide in front of my kids again "Have you read the signs about weight restrictions?"
  9. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    What a lovely sunny (if not windy) day 7 has been. After a morning spent watching both of my boys play football, preparing lunch then out for a dog walk. I'm shattered. Feeling quite good at having started doing something about my weight again though. Don't get me wrong, those niggles do do still creep back in my mind, like "I can't believe how much weight I've got to lose" and "I've got so many social occasions coming up, I might as well wait". But, I'm still here and I'm still looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in.

    Reason not to give up # 5: I do not ever want to shop in Evans again!

    Last edited: 17 March 2014
  10. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Oh Em Gee. I am over the moon. 14lbs loss at WI. I can't believe it. I know the WI was early in the morning and I had just peed like a horse but I don't care. I'll take that!

    Definitely helped in pushing me on this week. I've got an overnight anniversary trip so I'll be having a night off (ish). That means I'll have to glug that water like a fish and get back on the treadmill first thing the next morning.
  11. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Ooops ... Forgot to do my reason of the day. So here it is:

    Reason not to give up # 6 : I want to be able to play sports with my husband and family
  12. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Eurgh. I feel rubbish today. Woken up feeling nauseous and bloated ... and just want to eat. Cannot bear the thought of a shake :sigh:
  13. AndroidAmy

    AndroidAmy Full Member

    You lost 14lb in your first week! That's incredible!

    Just for today you should just forget your reasons to lose weight, and keep in mind that amazing number to help you through today. It won't be fun, but just make sure you drink loads of water (I'm told it helps with the horrid bloating feeling) and keep calm. Hopefully there will be nothing in the way to tempt you today and you'll feel better for not cheating yourself tomorrow when you feel miles better :)

    Keep going - you're doing incredibly well! x
  14. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Silver Member

    Do not under any circumstances eat today. You've been doing so well and it would be a shame to waste all that hard work. Have a hot shake in a glass and sit down and enjoy it. That's what I do with my evening one. Don't think I'll be able to give it up after I finish this!
  15. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Thank you ladies. It's good to hear from people who understand ... there's no-one in my real life who could comprehend what it's like doing a VLCD. I've been drinking the water but even that is a chore today and just tastes 'off'. I've also just had a hot shake and that went down okay so thanks for the tip! Anyway, today's been busy and about to get busier once I start ferrying the kids to their various clubs. So I'm safe until about 8pm ..... and maybe I'll go straight to bed then ;)

    Hope you're both doing well?

  16. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Just back from my anniversary trip to Durham. Food wise, not too bad. I had a tuna salad with no dressing for lunch and Steak for Dinner. I'm hoping it didn't do too much damage and I'm proud that I went straight back on the shakes today even though we didn't get back tonight ..... and anyone who knows Durham knows that there are lots of lovely tea shops! There are however, also a lot of hills and steps so hopefully that will have done some good as I was truly shattered.

    Reason not to give up # 7 : I want to climb a flight of stairs without feeling like I'm going to pass out
  17. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Good day today. I know other people often struggle at the weekend but it's the opposite for me. I work from home and my weekends are manic with the kids so it's during the week is the hardest for me.

    Still struggling to drink the shakes to be honest, I just feel nauseous at the thought and I know form experience that the soups just aren't for me. Hoping to get some tetras soon though.

    Reason not to give up # 8 : I've got a wardrobe full of clothes that I'd love to wear again
  18. Cambridgefan

    Cambridgefan Full Member

    Have you tried the porridge or rice pudding? And you can have bars from week 2. No point chugging shakes only if you hate them!

    I make my my rice pudding savoury and it is absolutely lush- add a spoon of curry powder and a sprinkle of chili powder it's like an Indian risotto!

    Keep going! X
  19. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Thanks, I will give that a go x
  20. fitfatseesaw

    fitfatseesaw Member

    Yippee, It was all worth it. 5lbs loss today. Really pleased again and make it feel like resisting all those temptations was worthwhile :D
  21. AndroidAmy

    AndroidAmy Full Member

    Yayyyyy! That's fantastic news! Very well done! Keep on resisting and good luck for this week! x
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