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This is amazing! Another 3lb overnight!! :-)

Hey all, I have been weighing myself every other morning straight after I wake up and go to the loo. Apart from yesterday I was weighed and I weighed myself again this morning.... 3lb off in one day/night. I'm now down from 14st 9lb to 13st 13lb!!! In 5 days!! Yay I'm back in the 13s at last!!!!!!!!:D

I can't believe how easy this is, and although I had some tummy trouble yesterday which has now sorted itself out naturally, I have had no side effects. I have managed to watch my friend eat my fave panini, my mum and dad eat dinner, and been out for a drink and stuck to water, without any cravings at all.

I just want to take this opportunity to say if you are thinking about doing a VLCD but aren't sure it would really work, I promise you it does, if it can work for me it can work for anyone!

Switched from LL to CD this morning, wasn't planning on switching til monday as still have 2 days left of LL foodpacks, but they are so grim I decided to start early. So glad, the hot choc is yum, and I intend to have an ice-cream (tetra) for lunch, and a bar chopped up as a snack during the day, with half saved for evening. I'm so happy today....

If you're having a good day too, leave a reply :D yay VLCD!

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well done sweetie, thats brill, i am replying due to your great sucsess im having a bad day today but that doesnt mean i cant express my joy for you, keep it up x x x x
Chin up!

well done sweetie, thats brill, i am replying due to your great sucsess im having a bad day today but that doesnt mean i cant express my joy for you, keep it up x x x x
Thanks for your support, how come you're having a bad day? Let us know if we can give you any support to make it better!!



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Good luck with your change over, your weight is falling off so quickly you will be at goal before you know it!! Sarahxx.
WOW !! well done WannaBe.....keep up the FAB work :D




Is it nearly October yet?
Hey, good for you! Im having a good day also. Doing 790, but am defo in ketosis, no hunger at all. Woo hoo
Hmmm just got on the scales again, cos I wanted to see if it made any difference what time I weigh myself, and I'm back up the 3lb I lost yesterday/last night. I'm not worried cos I always make sure I weigh myself at the same time to get a consistent weight reading, but does anyone know why it fluctuates like that? xx


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Because the weight of 1 litre of water is 2.2lbs. So you have probably drank more than that already today. :)
Aha! That would make sense then! Yep I have drunk about 5 glasses of water, 2 cups of tea and some with my sachet- reckon thats prob about 1 litre, what do you reckon?

Thanks Mini, you're a little legend! x
Oh definitely...makes me feel so much more positive.And you know what helped me this morning?I weigh in kg on my scales and then convert the weight to stones online.Well I went back to bed for a bit after weighing and was trying to work out on paper what my weight was in stones and was a bit disappointed.I then came and did it properly online and it was actually 3 lbs less than I thought!Made my day :)
sorry its taken a while to reply my hubby was on internet all night, yesterday was just one of them days where you just want to sit dwn and eat all day. i cheered myself up bu going out late last night getting a few bits for my little boy so speding money always cheers me up wether its for me or not or even if i havent got any money i always find some x x

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