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This is crazey

Im putting in all this hard work to loose weight and TTC at the same time? I think im going mad? lol

But im thinking if i loose some weight before i concieve i wont have baby weight on top of the weight ive already got on me?

Does this make sense???
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Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
yeah ofcourse it makes sense i think its a good idea for women to get fit whilst trying to make a baby, fit mummy=healthy baby. after all your womb is going to be its home for 9 months you want it to be the best possible home for him/her. the fitter you are the easier the birth and pregnancy will be and the easier it will for him/her to get all the nutrients he/she needs.

and the quicker you'll bounce back from it all afterwards
This is my 1st week that have been back on track i have been really good so really looking for weigh day saturday morning :)
Trust me I gained far too much weight with my first son - being in the habit of eating healthy and looing after yourself will only do you good when you conceive - good luck
yeah keep up all your hard work and you'll reap the benefits honestly.
i was pretty fit up until i got pregnant and continued with light exercise up until the end and the birth was quick natural and untraumatic for me and baby, And if i tried to do it now i think it would have ended up dozed up on drugs and a C section .
Haveing coil out this afternoon and will be TTC straight away so want to loose as much weight as possible till i find out im Preggers
good luck and have fun trying :)
My OH will think its his birthday and xmas all come together lol ;)
oooooh how exciting - you are making me broody, which is not good with 2 babies under 2 lol
Hey Carlah,

I am in the exact same position myself..currently TTC but also wanting to get down to 11stone!! We will see which one comes first but yes, i thought the same as you at first..whats the point if im gonna put it all back on and the some?? but as others have said, it makes a lot of sense to be housing a little babba in a healthy slimmer body so im gonna keep right at it. Lots of luck with the baby trying x
Thanks guys im really excited and feeling very impatient want it all to happen over night and i know it doesnt work like that so will just keep at it.

Nice to have some one in the same boat as me Lozzy sending loads of baby dust your way good luck with weight loss and TTC
Good luck with everything. I wish id had the same thoughts your having now. I maintained my weight throughout my pregnancy but piled on 4 stone in the 9 months or so after the birth. I wish id gone straight on WW then, as you need all the energy you can get once bubbas born. :). You have your ideas right missus have fun TTC and once you get there, pregnancy and bubba too. :eek:)
I was similar with my daughter i didnt put much weight on while i was preg it was just afterwards and its stayed for 3 years now im ready for #2 i dont want this weight on and to get worse so heres to shifting rthe pounds :D
Good Luck!!! :D just think maybe one week you will be doing everything right with WW ... but put on the lbs at WI... think whaaaatttt... but actually be with child!!! :D hehe
im giveing my body atleast a month to get back to normal and hopefully a head start on weight loss. so although had coil out yesturday my OH will have to put a hat on coz dont want it too happen just yet
awww thanks for the special dust Carlah hun, hope it works!! lol :) I've been on the pill for almost 10 years and i think its taking a while for it to get out my system to be honest, so its taking a little longer than expected. I dont mind waiting as fortunately im still fairly young so not putting too much pressure on and sure it wil happen when it's ready..am off to the docs in a few weeks though just to make sure everything is functioning ok down there :) fingers crossed. Lots of luck to you too hun x
Thanks Lozzy thats it make the most of the time to shift the weight. And if your still quite young thats a good thing.

Thats the trouble with the pill it takes a while to get out of peoples system.

Good luck hope it happens soon for you
Well ive had it out :rolleyes:

my tummy has gone down sooo much and lost 6lb i really think its got something to do with haveing the coil.

I didnt realise with the merina coil it could make you gain weight that would explain alot will see what happens with weight loss this week :D