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This is it.

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by mcv, 6 November 2010 Social URL.

  1. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    I started with a brilliant steady weight loss, totalling 21lbs.
    Then i decided to give up smoking, and i have gained a few pounds my total loss todate is 17 1/2lbs.
    On the grand scale of things i know this isnt alot, and its also over a month, i feel as though i am stuck in a rut .
    To help me give up smoking i have been prescribed Campix, and i dont think they are agreeing with me.
    I feel dull, cant be arsed to do anything, infact i took one thismorning and now at 9pm am i starting to feel normal. I really cant explain properly how they make me feel. So ive made a decision. I am going to stop taking them. Its going to be hard, but you know what i can flaming well do it.
    This is my own personal goal, by christmas I AM going to be smoke free and 7lbs lighter. which will make me 24lbs lighter than when i started.
    Today is my last day of feeling and eating crap !!!
    I am now going to research some new and exciting recipies and make a plan
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  3. *Pogle*

    *Pogle* Full Member

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    Slimming World
    Hi MCV. Well done on all the weight you've lost so far!

    Giving up smoking is hard - I lost count of how many times I tried! I know a lot of people find that the medications for giving up don't agree with them, so you aren't alone. I tried everything, and even became addicted to NRT - whilst still smoking :banghead: Have you heard of Alan Carr's book 'The easy way to stop smoking'? That's how I cracked it in the end, I was incredibly sceptical before I got it, but it DID work. I haven't smoked, or even wanted to smoke since I finished reading it, (seriously) and I didn't get any cravings at all! I didn't eat more, like a lot of people do when giving up, so I didn't gain any extra weight either.
    Amazon have it for £5.50 - which lets face it is less than the cost of a packet of fags, so it might be worth you trying? It's the best thing I ever did :)

    Good luck sweetie, I am certain you can achieve your personal goal by Christmas!
  4. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    Thanks pogle will have a look for the book tomorrow.And will let you know how i get on.
    Ok found some really good recipies that i am going to try over the next few weeks.
    Egg and cheese casserole.
    smash mash with fried leek and cheese served with gammon & veg.
    Tuna fish cakes, SW chips with mushy peas.
    Mini ham quiche ( nibbles for the fridge)
    smash pizza
    butternut squash soup
    syn free mirangues
    Bread pudding
    syn free lemon meringue pies
    oohh mouth watering now
  5. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    food diary for week 9th to 15th november

    Tuesday 9th nov (my birthday. 21yrs old with 15 yrs experience !!!)
    working 1pm - 6pm then 7.30 - 9pm
    B Majic porridge 28g oats muller light
    S melon
    L butternut squash soup 5 scan bran with quark chilli spread
    S (take to work) 2 plumbs
    T batchelors cheese & broc pasta n sauce
    S 3 light baby bell, boiled egg, pickled onions. grapes
    350 ml skimmed milk
    3 custard creams 9 syns

    Wednesday working 10am to 5pm.
    B 2 weetaxix, milk from allowence & bannana
    S yoghurt & apple
    L. sandwich 2 wm bread, pate lettice, cucumber, tomatoe.
    packet french fries 4 syns
    2 plumbs
    T ham salad. Ham, lettice, cucumber, cellery, tomatoes, peppers, poiled egg
    vff cottage cheese
    S carrot sticks, cellery, cucumber pate dip
    350 ml skimmed milk

    thursday 11th
    working 11am to 4pm
    extra easy
    B 2 wm bread toasted and pate
    S yog and bannana
    L tuna pasta cucumber cherry tomatoe spring onion cellery mayo light 2 tbs 2syns
    T egg and cheese casserole, gammon and broccili
    S pear 2 tangerines
    350ml skimmed milk

    Friday 12th
    Day off

    saturday 13th
    working 10am to 2pm

    Sunday 14th
    day off
    Going to inlaws for dinner

    day off weigh day

    Fri, sat, sun and monday havent decided on menues yet any suggestions welcome. I know i havent sorted syns yet but will have up to 10.
    Last edited: 9 November 2010
  6. silly sausage

    silly sausage Peas on Earth

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    SW veggie
    Hi mcv

    Good luck with chucking the fags. It is the singlemost important thing you can do for your health and you can do it! Don't be disheartened if your weight loss slows a bit when you stop smoking. That is normal - it's not because you are eating any differently, it's because you are not pumped full of nasty stimulants.

    You will start to really appreciate how tasty your food is!

    I quit 4.5 years ago (from 40 a day) using the Paul McKenna CD for a week at bedtime, a nicorette inhalor for a couple of weeks and plenty of vitamin C. Would never go back.
  7. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    Cheers for support, i know i can do it, stopped champix a few days ago, and havent gone back to fags, taking boots own smoking mint lozengers sugar free so hopefully no syns but tough if there are im not counting them lol.
    I dont mind if the weight loss is slow, as long as it comes off and not goes on.
    I lost 1lb this weigh in ( last night ) so i have to bear in mind that i have actually lost 18 1/2lbs,and i have another 28lb to go.
    if i could loose 8 lb by christmas that would be fantastic.
    And i have decided that i am not going to be over the top stricked over xmas however i do NOT want to put on over 2 lb.
    I think the main thing for me is to be realistic.
  8. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    bitter sweet............. still not smoking so i am really really proud of myself.
    had good food week up untill thursday and then it seriously went pear shaped I bet i have put on this week.
    I just really need to get a grip. get back on the wagon tomorrow, i just need to stay on and not slip off.
    Plan plan plan organisation organisation organisation !!!!!
  9. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    just quickly jotting down what i have had over last couple of days.
    Will work out HE and syns properly later.

    B. Porridge made with water mixed with mashed bannana and honey.
    S. cup of coffee 1/2 tsp sugar
    L. beef stew 2 bowl fulls yum
    S. Yoghurt and pear.
    coffee 1/2 sugar
    T. cheese casserol, gammon & peas.

    B 2 weetabix 1/2 tsp sugar
    S. yoghurt and apple
    L. savory rice, mixed with cucumber, cellery, cherry tomatoes and macrel
    S. packet of hoola hoops coffee 1/2 tsp sugar
    T lg quorn spag bog, topped with cheese.
  10. mcv

    mcv Silver Member

    slimming world
    very disapointed this week, I was very stricked, monday through to friday. Over stricked probably but i felt that if i fell off the wagon over the weekend which i did saturday and sunday it would even out. I even went spinning on thursday and worked really hard.
    I really didnt feel that i deserved to gain 3lb.
    Its so easy to cut your nose off to spite your face, and in the past i have well and truely spat my dummy out and blown the following week.
    But not this time i am going to keep on track and hopefully have a good week this week. x
  11. silly sausage

    silly sausage Peas on Earth

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    SW veggie
    You sound in the right frame of mind not to blow it this time mcv. Well done and great news about staying off the ciggies. Please don't be hard on yourself as your body will be trying to adjust to the lack of ciggie stimulants so your weight may be up and down a bit to start with. Ride it out and you will do well in the long term.

    Good luck with the week ahead :)
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