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this is my conscience!

As per the title I've decided to start keeping a log off all my food intake on here - Please feel free to comment, ask questions and give advice.

Started again this Monday at Jill's Ferryhill class after a couple of months off plan, originally lost 2.5 stones (from Feb 11) and have put about 8.5 lbs back on whilst off plan. Mix my days up quite a bit as I try to stay off Extra Easy days as mixing meat and potato/rice/pasta is way too good to be true (as in I trough way tooooooo much). :)

Yesterday (Day 1 - Tues 16th Nov 11) - RED DAY
HiFi Choc Deluxe Bar (have to syn this at 6) and some grapes with a Black Coffee
2 Slice of Wholemeal Medium Bread (HeX B) with Ham, Eggs and loads of onion, then a Mullerlight Strawberry and and a litre of water, then some Cheddar and Onion SunBites (6 syns)
Tuna Steak and a little bit of Salmon Fillet with Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot, Chilli, Bacon, Mushrooms, Cabbage and Onion - sprinkled my HeA of Light Cheddar and some Primula Light mixed into my cabbage and bacon combo, another litre of water and a Mullerlight Mandarin

Total Syns for the day = 12

I realise I didn't have a 1/3 of Superfree with my lunch but I think I clawed it back with Dinner!

Any comments or advice?

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Yesterday (Day 2 - Wed 17th Nov 11) - RED DAY
HiFi Choc Deluxe Bar (HeB), 2 tangerines and an apple
Chicken breast salad with egg, lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, some grated light cheddar (HeA), pickled onions and then some grapes and a mullerlight banana.
Spag Bol with Lean Steak Mince from my local butcher - sauce made with loads of onion, mushroom, garlic and chilli - had 182g of cooked spaghetti (10.5 syns) and lots of frozen peas, carrots, broccoli and cauli to boost my superfree - also used my 2nd HeA with some Extra Mature (light) Cheedar from Tesco grated on the top.

Snacked later on with a 2nd HeB HiFi Bar and anther Mullerlight Banana yoghurt.

Stuffed! managed about 3 litres of water both days so far.

Total Syns for the day = 10.5
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Yesterday (Day 3 - Thurs 18th Nov 11) - Extra Easy DAY
2x Harvest Morn Summer Fruits Cereal Bars (HeB), 2 tangerines, some grapes and an apple
Cheese (HeA) and Egg salad with lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, pickled onions and then a mullerlight banana.
Lean Steak Mince (from my local butcher) with onion, garlic and stock - with that I had carrots, loads of butternut squash and half a tin of processed peas.

Had some wine last night, was very nice, about 2/3rds of a 75cl bottle so estimating 18 syns.

Total Syns for the day = 18

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