This is my first post...Hi


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Hi all!
I stumbled upon u guys when googling syns! you all seem great so gonna stick around if thats ok!!

Started Slimming World this monday just gone. only had green days so far and the amount of carbs im eating seems really unnatural to me after avoiding them on other diets. im feel like im going to gain this week, would that be common or am i doing summin wrong??

im doing it from home as im going back to work (night shifts) after maternity leave very soon and dont want to commit to classes just now. i have found a daytime class but its the other side of town so ill only go if im struggling!

I've got a fair bit to shift, i was overweight when i got pregnant, then put on a whopping SIX stone thanks to gestational diabetes (only diagnosed after birth, sigh!) and ridiculous water retention! oh and good old fashioned eating for two!! (or 4 actually) Lost 3 stones shortly after but have been stuck for months now, but not trying hard enough if im honest.
So im taking control once and for all!!

I've waffled on as usual!

Anyway, lovely to meet you all

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Hiya hun and welcome to the forum. Ya have defintely come to the right place for advice and support along your journey. There is an sw forum as well on here, ya should post in there too and I am sure all the lovely people over there would be happy to answer any of your questions!! I wana wish ya all the success on your first week and hope ya have a good result on Monday. Please keep us posted on how well ya do. Take care


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Welcome to our community Amyeve :D:D:D



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Hiya Amy!! :talk017:
Welcome to mini's, you have definately come to the right place to get lots of support to help you reach your goal. It might seem like miles away, but take it step by step, and one day at a time- and you will get there. This site is full of inspirational stories, photo's, support and encouragement- i feel so lucky to have found this website, everyonye on here totally rocks, they are all so friendly and supportive- it is just brilliant.
Anyway, i only really wanted to say 'hi' and welcome you to the site, but i ended up rambling :eek: (sorry!!)
I will shut up now and end this post!,
Xxx Lizzie xxX


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Hi and :welcome: to Minimins. Good luck with SW and your weight loss journey :) xxx


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Welcome to Minimins :)


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Good luck with your goal:)


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Welcome to minimins - you have come to the right place. This forum is fab.
Good luck.



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Hi welcome to minis hun .You will find all the help and suport you need in here .We are all on the same journey just going by different modes of transport so wether you need a:whoopass:eek:r :happy096: this is the place to come feel free to post on any of the forums dont just feel you need to stay in sw good luck for morrow xx