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this is so hard and its only my first day!!


going to do it!!!!
im on first day of ss today and am really struggling iam so hungry and have just had to talk myself out of eating and starting again tomorrow:sigh: which ive been doing for past 2 weeks!!
how long on average does it take to go into ketosis, i realise everyone differnt but just a rough idea would be good so i will know when im going to stop feeling so hungry!!
is it ok to have a tiny bit milk in just one coffee a day? or sugar free gum? ive drank my 4 litres of water already and im so thirsty now just fancied a cup of coffee with wee bit milk in!
sorry for the moaning but thought it better to come on here and moan than eat, grateful for any help/tips to keep me on the straight and narrow,
Jo xx
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Hang in there !!!!!

It DOES get better

For me, day 2 and im right as rain

For others ive read on here day 7 !!!

Its very personal

Please stick with it , its Soooooooo worth it!

Skimmed milk is ok.... i have that in my coffee's x
Hey Jo, defo better on here than eating. Try to get used to no milk or consider starting on SS+ instead of SS, that way you can choose to have milk.

Well done on the water!! Gum often makes people feel worse/hungry, so I'd not bother.

Ketosis generally is around 3-4 days. The first few days are tough, but tell yourself you have to start sometime. You don't want to be here in another 2 weeks saying the same thing. The time will pass regardless of what you do, so put it to good use :)

I found distraction worked well for the first few days, as did a few nights in bed by 8pm to stop myself eating.

Baths, reading a glossy magazine, coming on here, painting your nails, looking at clothing sites and planning outfits, all helped me.


going to do it!!!!
thanks guys im hoping this is the last time i start again ha ha;)
i want ti lose 3 1/2 stone by xmas more if i could and know its me that made myself get like this and only me that can do something about it , i get sick of hearing myself moaning about my weight then stuffing my face!!
im quite proud of myself for nearly getting through day one and reading your weight losses are such an inspiration thanks again , ill keep you informed of my progress,
Jo x


lose lose lose
Hi, stick in there, i have just completed day 6 and i have been in ketosis since day 2 , its worth while buying some ketone testing strips they let you know when your in ketosis.


going to do it!!!!
sarh that weight loss is amazing!!

ive just been on scales (how sad eh?) nothing to report ha ha .

im going get some ketone sticks tomorrow i think. im trying to learn how to put pic on profile and weight etc but cant do it !!!


lose lose lose

sarah that weight loss is amazing!!

Ive just been on scales (how sad eh?) nothing to report ha ha .

Im going get some ketone sticks tomorrow i think. Im trying to learn how to put pic on profile and weight etc but cant do it !!!
hi, i had the same problem yesterday, i think you have to post so many threads to put your pic on and to be able to view and edit your own profile,
this is what i was told anyway, but i could be wrong. Although i could not view my profile or put a pic on till yesterday,
so just keep sending post or even start new thread maybe.

Definatly get some ketone sticks, they really perked me up knowing i was in ketosis and knowing my body was burning all my fat lol
my weigh in is wednesday i cant wait,
really hope i have lost, xx

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