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this is the last attempt, and i WILL succeed!

Hey guys!

I am starting the Cambridge WLP today. I've done it before in the past (about 3 and a half yrs ago) and successfully lost and maintained 4+stones, until about 18 months ago, when I got into a very boring job where I constantly sat and ate.

Since then I've tried repeatedly to get back onto the diet,and due to poor motivation failed. However this time round I am determined to stick to it, and I WILL do it, cause I hate the quality of my life currently.

To keep me motivated I shall keep a diary of my progress, and if there is ANYONE that would like to join me in keeping this diary, please do so! Anyone else who wants to join in also please do :)

Wish me luck everyone

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Hiya! Welcome to the forum. This is an amazing board and all the people here are very friendly and supportive.
Good luck on your weightloss journey and I look forward to seeing your progress.
When are you starting on Cambridge, or have you already?
Take care.


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Duh! Just saw that you said you're starting today!!!! :eek: Sorry.
Hi.I understand what you mean about a boring job. Boredom is my worst enemy.
Good luck on your re-start.
Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on x
hi there and good luck on ur weight loss journey. well done you for getting back on the bandwagon again xx:D
I never get bored. In the past I've been far too busy eating to get bored!! :D

But seriously, welcome back to Cambridge and I wish you the best. I think some of the people here would be very interested in how you maintained, myself included. :)
Hello Everyone!!!

Firstly thank you all for replying and your words of encouragement....


:( my attempt didnt go very well...using family arguments, and issues with my boyfriend as excuses I comfort ate...like everyday since Monday...HOWEVER I am not going to give up!!! Today is a new day...and I SHALL SUCCEED. I'm feeling awfully optimistic about a lot of things. I have also had my weigh in at with my CWL Consultant so my ticker shall be going up as well...

I shall be updating tonight about what a successful day it has been *fingers crossed*

I think some of the people here would be very interested in how you maintained, myself included. :)
Hey :) All I did was attend the gym regularly, and be good with what I ate for at least two of the three meals i had in a day. I weighed myself every two weeks (no not every day...I eventually broke out of that habit!) and if there was a gain in weight I'd take measures to bring it back in line. I am also a strong believer in the slogan 'its not what you eat but how much of it you eat'. Paul McKenna's I can make you thin was also something I listened to regularly. Can't say I was sohypnotized...but it reminds you of the main rules to remember when eating. However when I got into the job I did, it was long hours so the gym was out of the question (and everything else for that matter), and a vending machine with 'goodies' was close by. Once I started gaining weight combined with the job, and personal matters it became impossible to implemet any self control...I would never ever recommend letting it get so bad. Simply weigh yourself every two weeks, and if you see an increase of more than about 2kgs (bearing in mind body fluctuations), you need to nip it in the bud!

Hope that helps...

Don't beat yourself up about comfort eating. It's a habit that needs to be broken. (One that I'm still trying to achieve!) Good for you for not giving up!

Hope you have a good day today! :D

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