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This may get deep............

:confused:First of all must say the sense of achievement I have of being on day 8 of SS and nearly 16lbs lighter is fantastic x.

My next question may not be so easily sorted out, what if like me in the past few days you have realised you had SERIOUS issues with food? this may be need, greed, emotional or some other. I am in a place now where I have found an avenue to deal with the physical weight but what about the emotional attachment? I have also asked the questions: Am I ready to be slim as being overweight has been a big part of my life, have I shaped who I am on this? will it change me as a person?

I hope there are reasons for this as I need to be ready for the changes this will bring and do not want to underestimate them.

Any suggestions or equally balanced advice would be greatly appreciated.

NB: This site is fabulous and from what I have read so is everyne on it. This is my first post so please be patient they will not all be so serious!!!!!!:)
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i know cd has changed me as a person. im more confident and less neurotic, am now pretty much sure that my OH isnt gonna leave me for someone slimmer, cos i am that someone slimmer. i smile more, shopping is a joy and i feel better about myself!
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Hi Ktb

Good to see you posting!

These are perfectly normal things to be asking yourself and actually are what you should be taking the time to think about whilst on SS. I don't claim to have all the answers but CD gives you the space to consider your relationship with food and what needs to change in the future to ensure you become and remain the slim person you want to be. I'm sure it is going to be difficult and a struggle at times after all we are trying to relearn habits of a lifetime but taking time to consider what drives you to eat and what you can do to change that is a positive step.

Hi there! I'm on week 8 and just had three hideous weeks that I would have normally ate through to quash the emotion! The feeling of control I have over food now and knowing I don't need it to cope with life stuff has 'empowered' me and definitely changed my relationship with food, its not an enemy anymore! Its liberating really! I can't imagine for a moment that i'll dunk an entire packet of biscuits ever again!!

I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I have done to myself and why and where i'm going with it. Its only a good thing and only been enabled by taking 'normal' food out of equation.

Good luck and stick with it EVEN when your most tested!
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I know I will always have a tough relationship with food, I have lost loads of weight before and gone through the 'It's changed me, I'll never be big again blah blah blah' but to be honest I know I will always yo yo, I just don't want to yo yo by 4 stone!!, when I get to my target I want to try and give myself a 1st leeway so once I gain a stone I get back on cd to get it off again, I think that is the only way I can control it, I can't say I'll never binge on pizza or cake again because I wouldn't be true to myself
i dunno whether my relationship with food will ever be normal...having eaten an entire lemon meringue pie on friday night lol. Doing SS with added nuts or veg or a bit of fruit seemed ok, but now when i'm meant to be working my way up the food plans it all seems to have gone pear shaped and am only controlling my weight loss by eating rubbish one day and nothing the next. I know i'm eating for every other reason apart from hunger, but still seem unable to stop myself (obviously not trying hard enough). Am determined that i won't put all the weight back on tho and that i will get to goal (half a stone to go). Perhaps if i actually get to my goal it will help. Have been pi$%*ing about trying to lose half a stone or so for about 2 months now! Every day i wake up and think, yep, today i'll eat 'properly' and ever day in the last 2 weeks i've shovelled down loads of choc (plus 3 packs lol). Mybe its lack of organisation, maybe its having M&S Simply Food at end of road (fatal) maybe its tedious boredom of work or maybe i'm just a greedy mare :)

Good luck with your journey, its a fab diet, however its the keeping it off which is the tricky bit!

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