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This might only be amazing to me...!


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Am on week 2 of CD. For almost as long as I remember I have had swollen feet at the end of every day. Big trotters.
Tonight when I got out of the shower I realised that I can see the bones in them. Not in a bad way, in a 'oh my God, my feet look NORMAL' way.
I went on a three mile walk this afternoon which may have helped but I honestly think its a benefit of drinking so much water and cutting out all the cr*p!
Now am wondering if my feet might get smaller...will need to go shoe shopping! Yay! xx

Ellie :p
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My feet have shrunk too, I noticed when driving and my shoes kept slipping...
I too cam looking forward to going shoe shopping especially when i go clothes shopping :)

well done you though... its wonderful when we see such positive results early on


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I've noticed a difference with this too! They only started swelling up over the last few months (when I was the heaviest I've ever been) but within a week of CD there was a difference. Some days they're still swollen by the end of the day, but it's getting less and less.

I'm with you on the water and cr*p theory! :)


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yes!! I have been wearing last years sandels and they are slipping! also my walking shoes feel uncomfy and have started to rub as too big!!

going shopping this week for some new ones NOT strech by my previous fat feet lol


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Really pleased for you!

My feet are definitely smaller too. It's brill! xx


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The shoe shops won't know what's hit 'em! x
i was the same i have put my half way photos up and you can see in my hands how swallon they wore and now they are "normal" again amazing ... also i am back to being a proper size 4 and no red feet at the end of the day !

keep up the good work i really do think this is an amazing diet ... x


can see the end in sight!
that's fab, really pleased for you! I have dropped to a shoe size 7 from an eight.. A large 7 so can still wear all my old shoes but it's still a great feeling!


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i have gone from a size 7 to 6 in shoes and 7 to 5 1/2 i trainers! i used to wear a ring on each of my little fingers and now i wear one on my middle finger and on on my third finger. my dad brought me a tiffany braclet for my birthday a few years ago when i was at my biggest and i had to squeeze it on and i had to stop wearing it because it would cut into me! now it is a third of the way down my arm!i noticed that hands and feet were the first places i lost weight from. so new shoes and jewellery for all!! x x


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Am loving this! I imagine us all with rapidly shrinking hands and feet ha ha! Curly, where are your husband's shoe shops?? I may need to bulk buy! x