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This sucks....

Awesome snow day, school closed to kids, but I get a call to say that staff have to come in :(

Only about 8 of us turned up, naff-all to do, just manning phones to the hundreds of parents calling to see if the school is open or not.

So I'm bored, cold, tired after a long weekend, everyone else is chugging hot choc and passing around the biscuits, and I just want to be back at home in bed :(

Oh and now I've just been told that I have to go around all the external CCTV camera's and "clean the snow off the lenses" so they can see what is going on.

It's so fun to be me today :sigh:

OOh on the plus side, I decided to put on my old full-length coat to keep me warm/covered while coming to work, and holy hell, I reckon I could get me and the gf inside this thing now! :p

Now there's an idea................. :D
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Sounds a good way to keep warm, Pete!


nearly there!! :)
go recruit them all for a snow fight...that ll get ya warm and laughing!!

hope ta day broghtens up hunni xxx
Pete thats awful you had to go in!

But hey the coat is cool, i have that problem now, my coat is huge and i cant find a decent coat anywhere, reason, the shops are changing over to summer, have they looked outside!!!

By the way cute gf, well done ;)
well just been told we can go home from 12, so just have to fill the next 2 hours with stuff....

hmm, minimin's arcade time I reckon........... :D

\/ my school :)
why is your school open and teachers have nothing to do?

Mine is shut and im home, daft senior management, typical immature leadership skills from those that have none
Ohhh I wish I worked at a school My industrial unit is freezing the doors are open & my toes are about to drop off
I am sure there is a law about temperature, if it goes above or drops below a certain level you can opt to walk out work legally unless they provide the right conditions
so are you a teacher too Pete?
what ages do you and huseyin teach?
daisy x
Nah I'm not a teacher Dasiy, I'm the schools' Network Manager, ICT Team Leader/Dept. Head and 50% of the ICT-Coordinator team, also service desk help and pretty much anything to do with computers really.

I did train as a teacher but decieded it wasn't for me which is why I moved to do my ICT degree isntead; ending up working in a school was just co-incidence! lol I do a very small amount of teaching but that's usually just to cover if someone is away for the day.

It's a primary school so ages 3 to 10, nearly 11 in some cases.

Most of the staff have a mental age of about 13 :p

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