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This time ElleJay WILL do it!

Hi Guys,

Thanks for stopping by - I've been reading diarys, posts, rants, recipes etc on here for a while now, but this is my first post. Hopefully wont bore you all too much!

Have a very similar story to plenty of others that ive read on here. Always struggled with weight, started, re-started, joined and re-joined soooo many times! Never got to target :(

This time i will - simple! :)

Dont go to group, so am a Saturday morning at home (actually at Boots) weigher and have so far lost 8lbs since 4th Jan. Its not a massive amount, but i have PCOS and I know that i cant lose as quickly as others.

My main problem is that i tend to hit a wall around the stone mark. i think to myself "oh that wasnt too hard, one day off plan wont hurt, i can easily lose it again" then one day turns into a whole weekend, then a week and before i know it im back at square one and then some! Plllleeeeeease!!!!

I absolutely will do it this time!

So in a nutshell, ive recognised this 'tricky point' and am turning to you lovely people to help me through it!

Thanks for reading! x

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Good luck with it, you are doing well so far. I am a slow loser too, but I'm happy to keep plodding along in the right direction!! xx
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Hi there,
Im just the same as you and have just started again this week. Im determined this time and enjoying reading all the info on here. Good Luck :D Im sure you will get to goal this time

Catherine xx

Hey all,

Happy Weekend!

I weighed in this morning - lost 3lb so am over the moon :D totally put t hat down to having a fish week, and working my be-hind off in the gym twice this week!

Been a bit naughty since WI though, like I'm rewarding my weight loss with food - doenst make sense! :confused: how does everyone else make sure they dont do that?? Or is it just me that feels the need??

Luckily havent got anything too naughty in (except a big bag of m&ms but am resisting so far!!) but i have had a glass of ff coke - that can be my treat, and some bread, but it was ww so can be my HEB for the day.

Today will have to be EE, as im making a curry tonight out of the SW Curry book.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone! xx


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S: 10st7lb C: 9st13.5lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 24.7 Loss: 0st7.5lb(5.1%)
I think most people would admit that after WI is treat time!! It's just about making sure it's all SW food that you are eating, I tend to have a massive bowl of pasta or something, proper comfort type food, and far more of it than usual!! xx
Evening All,

Not great at this posting everyday but going to aim for at least once a week.

So, following my 3lb loss on Saturday, I stayed true to previous form of old and fell off the wagon BIG stylee! Started with OH 'treating' me to breakfast at our local - i could have said no, but went along with it.

Followed by a walk into our local village for a FULL FAT coke (or 3) to ease my hangover :( and...then... a day in the pub with friends, and beer and cheese covered nachos... and more beer and curry on the way home - sounds utterly disgusting when i write it down!

Anyway! Got my big black marker pen out and drew that magic line underthe utterly awful weekend (reccuring theme anyone??)

Decided the only way to undo all af the above would be to carry on fish week and work my be-hind off at the gym and on my wii.

So far so good and have been 100% since Monday! Go me! :)

How does everyone else deal with weekends? I plan as much as i can, but i have a pretty hectic social life, which i dont want to give up just because im dietting?! Some advice would be greatly appreaciated before Friday night rolls around again! xx

Hey all,

Bit of a mixed week to report on. Last WI was Saturday and lost 2lbs (yay!!) meaning i was just 1lb away from my stone :)

All went down hill after weigh in, as it usually does at the weekend (really need to sort this out)

Got fully back on track by Monday and was 100% up until last night, which was St Pats so i drank lots of guiness and had a pub stylee dinner (Im not even Irish!!!!)

So my 'naughty' weekend has started earlier than usual, already been out for lunch today not even close to resembling anything like 'on plan'

Im feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment, like its someone elses fault that im not sticking to plan and its unfair that i wont lose this week... totally ridiculous. Its all my own doing! :break_diet:

Anyway, must man up stop whinging. Only i can do anything about this.


Plodding on.......
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Hi ElleJay,

I find that I need to plan AS MUCH as possible. When I go out for meals (which I do fairly frequently) I try to look at menus if possible before I go out (so that I can plan what I like but will be as SW friendly as possible) and work the plan around what I am likely to eat.

When is your WI day ? At home or at group ? Try as Maverick says planning what you're going to eat after WI that is filling and comforting but within the plan.

You're doing great so far. Would it also help to make a list of what's changed already and what your motivators are ? When you are feeling really good about what you've achieved and why you are doing this, post something so that you can re read it when you're feeling a bit lower.

Good luck and big hugs.

Gail x
Hi All,

I am back in the room! : ) enough messing about now. Been off plan for 10 days and feeling rather wobbly and bloated : (

Back to basics from today, 100% week, gym, shred, fish the lot. I will get back on track.

Thanks for the advice Gail, much appreciated!

x x

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