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This time I have to do it!

I've really got to do it this time.

I have been yo-yoing all my life and have been slim-fat-slim to fat again in the last 7 years I haven't been able to get the weight off for trying. I lose a little and put twice as much on, also have PCOS for the last 12 years. I am now at my heaviest, aged 35 - 13 and half stone and desperate to get down to 9 stone. Have a plan...but I really am loving this site and could use some moral support.

I need to lost 4.5 stone. I can do it! I am up for trying just about anything and I love physical activity - when I actually do it. Trying to be disciplined about that and not find excuses like work or stress, which is usually how it ends up.

Please help - this is a big challenge and i am so up for it!

I am told I am really attractive - and actually quite proportionate (hourglass) but my weight has dented my confidence and now, I know it sounds silly, but I don't even feel capable of getting involved with anyone since my last relationship which ended last year :cry:Very upsetting particularly as I know this is my own hang up. I have to attend a party next week which I am completely dreading too.

I know this cannot continue so I have come on here and been really inspired some amazing people and stories. This forum has given me more insight and help already, more than anybody in my family or amongst my friends....

Thank you :)
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Hey Fitty, you are definitely in the right place for all the advice and support you could wish for.
What diet are you following, if any?
It's true that your head needs to be in the right place for this to work, and it sounds like yours is. Keep focussed and you'll be fine. If I can doit, anyone can!!
Thanks Dextermum, at the moment I am not any branded diet but with all the evidence around Slimming World, am thinking of giving them a whirl - plus - stepping up my exercise regime by introducing various activities into my week. Infact I am going for a long walk/jog now!

Wow, just saw you have lost 65lb...and onlu 16 to go...very well done!! :cool: 65lb is my desired loss so you know exactly how it feels!

But yeah my head feels together and I am thinking of this as my personal challenge for 2010! ;)

I love fashion, and I cannot wait to be able to start wearing clothes I love instead of just what fits! I am sure you are doing that right now...spoilt for choice eh!

Keep us posted on the last 16lb :)


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Well done Fitty. I think i have received more encouragement on here in a week than in my whole life for losing weight. I think friends just accept you for who you are and all my friends are slim, so its not a struggle for them and they are a great deal of help. Though they do congratulate me when i am losing weight. Its just i can't really talk to them about the actual losing weight part as they don't understand.
I really need some fat friends LOL.


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Ooooops that wasn't meant as a comment that people on here are fat. Though thinking about it, i suppose we are, thats why we're all here.
Well done on the 14lb weight loss Slim...I would not say all of my friends are very slim, some are and some are not. And friends are friends - they just like you as you are.

However the most unhelpful comment I ever heard came from a friend who could do with losing a bit of weight herself...she actually stated she doesn't 'tolerate' fat people....LOL! The comment was not aimed at me but it certainly made me think she has a few hangups and I find at a time when my weightloss is of great importance to me, it's here that I am turning to for support and not friends like that!!

So Slim, I take what you said in good spirit and humour! You have to connect with people who are in the 'zone' im order to help you get closer to the goal!
Hi fitty wannabe i feel exactly the same way as you, im just over 13st and am determined to do it! can i ask how are you tackling it? all the best xxx
thanks delilah, until i manage to get to a slimming world group i just cut out crisps and bad stuff. Just got into snacking on fruit and not eating when im not hungry, smaller portions. i dont eat much wheat or refined white carbs and try to have dinner early and not eat after 7pm. So just basic stuff but i have lost 2lb.

Had a very stressful week, and the thing i realised about myself was that i use food to mask my stress. this time i am working through my feelings instead. i have found this painful because a couple of things have really upset me this week and i just thought if i eat...then im letting the things/people who have upset me win. More than the 2lb weight loss, i feel happy that the light switch has gone off in my head and i have worked out what im doing wrong.

I know this will be an emotinal journey but i am on it now and not looking back.

We can do this delilah!!

congrats on your 2lb weight loss, that's fab. I've had a really poo week food wise, and done virtually no excercise, and amazingly lost 1lb. You watch I'll be good as gold this week and put on 6!!
ooh actually just realised its 3lb! :D

could one of you fine people tell me how i edit the ticker??? I forgot how I got it in the first place :rolleyes:

yes dexmum -it is always the way but you go girl!!

You said it Olivia, WE CAN DO THIS!!! Now I know you are counting on me I defo will not give up :) Can someone please tell me how to edit that ticker??! Don't wana be stuck on 13 and half stone!


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If you click on the ticker it will take you to the site to edit it, your need to put in the pin number you did when you made it, then just click edit weight :)
Thanks Sammy E! Congrats on your weight loss...its great!!

I have now managed to put on the entire half stone I lost in the first 2 weeks. I don't know what is wrong with me :cry:

I have been quite stressed and eating more carbs....bread and pasta are all it takes for me to pile on the pounds.

Tomorrow is a new day and I will do this...have to :confused:


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Carbs are my down fall too, thats why I went on the tony ferguson diet, i havent been sticking to it that well for the past few weeks and its noticable.. because ive only been losing a pound or staying the same but when I stick to the diet exact I have good loses. I lost over half a stone in the first week, pretty amazing!
Thanks Sammy...I love that everyone on the forum has different aqpproaches that we can all learn from. I haven't heard of the Toney Ferguson diet but I will google it now that I have! I'm glad it's working for you, please tell me more/ keep us posted and well done :)

I know that I must step up my physical exercise, it really works for me and I can then see a difference quite quickly. I am not regular enough with workouts and I am going to work on this. Starting now!


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its exercise that works for me most too, im currently going to the gym 3 times a week and swimming twice, problem is when i start work i wont have time to go as much as i can now!
Ria I am totally the same...it takes a while to get into a routine and then work gets manic and I let things slide. The next thing you know I haven't worked out for months. I just want to break that cycle and make sure that I do something, even just a bit every week so that I don't keep going back to square one.


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I cant exercise at the moment due to having a serious accident and my leg is all forest gump'fied BUT where ive been lugging my fat bum around on crutches for 2 months my arms are toning up haha so i guess thats 1 good thing, Im quite excited to see how much weight I can lose when Im back fully working so I can start to work out.

Tony Ferguson is part meal replacement, shakes and soups for breakfast and lunch with fruit or veg, then a low carb dinner at night, its teaching me to get into better eating habits because u do still eat but you cut out all the bad stuff and if you cheat, you see how much it affects your weight loss, if I cheat I will only lose a pound, if I stick to it 100% I will lose 3 or 4lbs and most of that weight loss was while on total bed rest.

Have you got a motivated friend who could be your gym buddy? Your more likely to make the time if you have someone else relying on you to go. I find its easier to let myself down but harder to let someone else down.

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