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This time I will do it !

Started on 16th March and am still feeling really positive. Even dusted off the exercise bike which hadn't seen light of day in years. Not had a bad day yet. Doing it on my own ......

NO I'M NOT I've found you lot now !! :)

Doing the WeightWatchers thing, as I sort of know it inside out and can count points in my sleep :confused:

What I am struggling with is working out how much I've lost :( I'll post my query on a seperate thread to see if there is anyone out there who is good at sums ! Have a good weekend all
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thanks ali

Thanks Ali :) I'm struggling a bit with the technology side of the postings but will get there, hopefully. Well done you, inspirational stuff xxx
Hi chips and welcome to the minimins board.
Hi Chips,

Welcome to minimins! That poor exercise won't know what's hit it hey? ;)

Good luck, I look forward to reading all about your progress

thanks Jim and Orange. I've been posting like a mad thing today. The dog still needs walking and the dust is thicker than it was yesterday ! but heyho - I did my weigh in today after a deliberate 3 week gap since my start and 13 lb off so I just need to keep at it. Thanks for words of encouragement xxx
another pound and that's a whole stone gone chips!
Finding my way around ....

Hi again, As I still feel like a newbie, can someone help me with this. I have been flitting all over the forums, reading and finding it all interesting stuff and posting here and there like a mad thing. :eek: Very conscious not to give wrong advice on pages or say the wrong thing to folk when their chosen path is different from my own. My question is, I sort of fall between the WW and Wemitt pages, but find good advice and comments everywhere. How do you keep on top of threads you have started or added to ?

I have done the advanced search thing with user name, open forums etc, but if someone has specifically answered or commented on a contribution, I am finding it very long-winded to find my way back to the point I read up to and did my last post. Do I have to scroll through everything ? Does that make sense ? Thanks guys xxx
Hi orange, it doesnt show all of them or take me to where I put my oar in, so to speak ! That's my problem, not seeing them all, and being able to go back easily to where I last made a comment
Arh Arh ! that's better, I can now see them all, OMG, how much time have a spent on here already !!

Now is just need to learn what the icons mean - i.e. different coloured envelopes etc
LOL, I just start at the top in User CP and work my way down Chips.