This time its going to be gone !!

Starting yet again, to try to slim down to a reasonable size. Feeling very very tired of not being able to shop for myself. At looking at lovely clothes and knowing that i cant get them as I cant fit in.

Yet another shopping trip where the kids have ended up with something nice and new.

Under my bed is a box of nice clothes. Gave in a few weeks ago and let my elder daughter raid it. And looking at her wearing my lovely brown jeans - that I adored on me - and knowing that at this stage I could not get them past my knees ... well its just sickening.

So watch this space.
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u sound very determined! good for you. u will be raiding all ur daughters gear before too long :D

good luck xxx
Day three now and still going ok. Pointing everything. Feeling very good about yesterday... pancake tuesday. Was out and about with the girls so went to the only coffee shop in the s.c. which actually sells salads.

Then picked up my friend and went to her place for a coffee and chat. And even though she sat and ate her way through lovely lovely lindt's chocolate/orange bar I resisted.

Which left me with a full 12 points for me pancakes !!

God but they sure dont fill you up. Was starving by 8pm. So sat watching Desperate Houswives eating carrots!!

Its hard to sleep when your hungry isnt it? But hopefull it will be worth it.


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Hi there. Sounds like youre pretty determined, which is half the battle :)

Look forward to hearing how youre getting on


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pancakes eeewwwwee yuk!!!!!!

you certainly sound like your determined enough to follow this through just take one day at a time im sure you'll be fine and dont be too hard on yourself