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This time last yr!!!

hopefully this will give someone some encouragement:)
this time last yr i had just finished my first week at ww and lost a massive .5 lbs:D,,was a bit dis-heartened but stuck it out following week i lost 1lb:D,,god i thought i'd never lose any weight but stuck it out and got to goal in April. so this time lat year my journey started and even though i'm at goal it's still a journey and one that i dont intend on ever finishing up on!! i know it's tough and there are times when you could chuck it all in and there are times when you fall off the wagon but the trick i've learnt is to get straight back on it again and keep doing it even if you do keep falling off,,dont give up hope, if i can do it you can too!!!!!:hug99::hug99:
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Well done on getting this far.

It can be hard. I'm a stone of being a gold member, but my hubby has 59lbs still to lose (he has lost over 2 stone 28lbs already), and I'm really proud of him for sticking with it as its even harder for him cause he has so much more too lose then I ever did/will to get to gold..

Good luck with the future..
ah thats a nice lil read, thats what i have decided to do, some weeks will be bad some weeks will be good, but keep at it and this time next year hopefully i will be putting up a post like this xx
This time last year i was 6 months pregnant! Crazy.
Awwwh such a lovely post, thanks for that :D hmm this time last year I was about 2 months into doing WW discovery and by next month I had lost 2 stone. Stopped doing WW then but kept the weight off somehow. Decided to start again few weeks ago and try propoints. Loving it. Some days are harder than others, I had a tough week cuz I was just hungry all the time. But I pointed everything and I'm sticking to it till I get to goal... 17lbs to go :D xxx

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This time last year I was still messing around and getting nowhere on SW been on it for about 5 years and not getting anywhere. Now im at goal, think I would have still been yo yo ing around if it hadnt been for me starting new PP in November.

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