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Thorpe park

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by rhiannanmoynan, 30 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Hi all,

    My sister is treating me to a day at thorpe park in a couple weeks and I'm a little consious of my size on the rides.

    I've lost around 9 inches under my bust where my sides are (approx. 38ins now), but my tummy is still there a little. The website says that they can accomodate for torso's upto 52inches.

    Can someone just clarify that the torso is the main part of your body?

    I have lost a fair bit of weight but the anxiety strikes again because I was not allowed to go on a ride because I was too big, and the way I found out was having 2 guys trying to push the harness over me then having to leave the ride because it wasn't safe.

    Have any of you guys have this problem? Hopefully it's not just me

    Rhiannan x
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  3. lauuuu10

    lauuuu10 Member


    I think a lot of theme parks have an actual seat before the queuing section, for people to see if it will be comfortable for them to use the ride.

    Personally I think you'll be okay. :) Have fun! :)
  4. pippalata

    pippalata Gold Member

    I would take your torso as the widest part of your upper body, wherever that may be. The harness has to be able to come over your shoulders, chest, and most of your tummy. If 38inches is your widest part you should be fine.

    I'm also pretty sure they have some of the test seats around the park so you can try it out.

    Have a brilliant time. Don't let your terrible past experience put you off x
  5. Gosh you are brave. Wouldn't go on one of those things if you paid me! Have a good time and try not to worry.
  6. lickthelid

    lickthelid Lives here....

    Torso is generally measured under the armpits and around the front. So for women includes the breasticles. However that said they do have those mock seats at the entrance to rides (at least they do at Alton towers and it's the same group that own Thorpe park). I'm sure you will be fine! :) have a great time. I love theme parks :)
  7. pandauk

    pandauk Full Member

    I have the same panic every time I go to a theme park. We went to Alton Towers last September when I was at my biggest. I don't my measurement back then but I was size 22 - I managed to fit on all the rides but never felt like I fitted 'comfortably' if you know what I mean.
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