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Thoughts on eggs

Just wondered if some of the regulars have any thoughts about eggs. I currently have the muffins every day which means I am having two eggs a day, plus extra if I have egg and bacon. Is this safe?

I am over reliant on the muffins, they have become a habit so not sure how I will cope giving them up. Has anyone tried making them with less egg?
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You can easily drop a yolk from the muffin recipe, just add a little more of whatever dairy you use.

I eat a lot of eggs and will worry about that later, for right now I need to lose and I'm skint, so eggs it is.


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The official site says 5 yolks per week if you don't have a cholesterol problem, but I am with Jaqys on this one - I can worry about cholesterol later, and I eat loads of eggs.


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You use two eggs per day in your muffin recipe? I use three yolks (and five whites for a four day batch of muffins...). Check your recipe! You can easily make a one day batch with just the white... they'll taste slightly different, now that you're used to the yolk, but if you're flavouring them / adding an ingredient such as pieces of smoked salmon, you might get away with it.


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I think this is a question for the "reasonable man" in us... I'd not go silly, because we'll have to live with our arteries for a long time yet... don't you like chicken, steak, prawns, fish, etc. too?
Yes, I have all those but for me I really enjoy eggs for breakfast and then I also use them in my muffins. So I end up with tiny bits of a yolk in each, it would be nice to have a couple of whole eggs for breakfast and use the yolks in the muffins.

I also would love hard boiled eggs for a snack, added to salad on PV days the occasional omelet and on and on.:rolleyes:


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I'm sure too many slow my weight down. Is the only reason the official site says to limit them because of cholesterol? I don't know. I think it's just something to consider if you are stalling.
i had mainly eggs in the two weeks up to the wedding as i knew i will lose on them ......

I eat 30 eggs a week to 10 days roughly so alot and as the others have said i will worry about the cholestorol side later on ...( though some of that is just the whites)

sometimes i can only afford mince and eggs as the diet does hit your bank balance ....
Scrumper, thank you, you have made my day!! That is what I so wanted to hear. Someone successful to prove that egg yolks didn't stall their loss on Dukan.:D

Sadly at 52 I have to keep a beady eye on everything, I am a very slow loser.:( But I don't have a cholesterol problem so if I knew I could eat more eggs and lose that would be great!
some people may be different bare that in mind though ....... I just know im fine on them !!!!
Thank you Scrumper. I know, some people seem to drop weight so quickly and others like me, so I will perhaps after seeing what this week brings may start having more next week. At least there is some hope.:) Thank you again.

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