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Thread for people who will be 100% for this week


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ok this is a thread for those of you who plan on sticking to CD 100% for the week join up and hopefully we can all help each other for the week

Its just a mini goal of 1 week to take it day by day and then we can all post our fab losses at the end of the week :D:D
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count me in. i have been terrible lately and need this 100% week badly. REALLY determined to get the last few pounds off....


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Hi all I a returner and on day 3 today. I am not getting my first weigh in until a week tomorrow so I would like to join in and try and be 100% for the week.
Good luck to one and all


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Count me in I've been terrible lately as well, just can't stick to it 100% :cry: don't know why? maybe this will help me to focus and keep on track. I am also determined to get this last stone or so off this time. I WILL NOT GIVE IN TRYING
I am hoping to stick to 100%


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Me!! I'm determined to be 100% for the next week (well more really) I get weighed on Tuesday so we'll see what this and next Tuesday brings!
I will be slimmer for the summer.
Count me in too! I'm determined to get as good a loss as I can this week and don't want any blips causing me to question whether my loss could have been better.
count me in for the 100% wk, I've found this wkend really hard but have stuck to it and want & need to do the same nxt wk


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Me too. I've been having a bit of a rebellion against my first STS two weeks ago, last week I was incredibly lucky to STS again after what I'd eaten, so I'm trying to be 100% for as long as I can... 1 week to begin with sounds great. I'm up for that little challenge!!
I'm in, I've been messing around for weeks now and need to focus to get as much weight off as possible, before I return to work from maternity leave. None of my clothes fit, so maximum 4 weeks to lose at least 1 dress size.
good morning guys hope every one is being really good today i started back last tuesday and i have lost 6lbs:D:D:D so that has spurred me on to be very focused this week

Good luck everyone and keep poping in

I weighed myself today, I am afraid I am little disapointed. Despite being good all weekend I am the same weight as I was friday .... is it usual not to lose weight for a few days despite being SS?


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hi beinggood - i am sure it will come off during this week. try nt to worry.

just wanted to post to say i was 100% yesterday and that was after one whole week of tryin to do so. thanks for starting this thread slim as its really helping me keep on th cd straight and narrow. cant wait to come back tonight to report another 100% day!

oh, and wow on your 6lb loss!
brillant leeds well done so you can manage another few days at least:p

beinggood this happens to me too up and down like a mad women just leave it a day or 2 and you will defo notice the difference
I need to stick to it 100% i have not managed it at all yet

It's WI day for me tomorrow (not expecting good news) it is also 4 weeks until my holiday & i need to shift as much as i can, of course i would shift more if i stuck to it 100%

Im feeling rotten at the mo & not well at all, sore throat & i think i have the flu coming so trying to stay on track is even harder when all i want to do is eat & drink something other that water
IM going to try 100% this week too. ^ I'm just getting over a rotten cold / flu, so i did slip a little making dinner for the other 1/2!

WI tonight so fingers crossed. as they say though you gotta be in it to win it! in my case fitting into my size 12's again!

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