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Three packs or Four?


Rebel without a calorie
They're not very clear on this are they? They say 3 packs and a meal = 10lbs a month and 3 packs = 14lbs so I don't think there would be much difference between 3 and 4 packs. Maybe it's trial and error to see what you can stick to and how much you lose. Not much help really, sorry!
Well comparing to say WW & SW I seem to recall that on bith of those the bigger you are to start the more points/syns you get, then as you reduce so do they.

That would suggest to me that you would be best starting with 4 and seeing how you get on.

If you're not losing the weight you want to at the speed you want to after the first pack (which will be about 3 weeks) then drop to 3. If the weight loss is going OK and you feel OK on 4 stick with that for a while.

When I did The Cambridge Diet if you were male or over 5ft 8 you had to have the 4packs/day. HOWEVER Exante products have more calories in and therefore you are getting the same amount of nutrients/calories in 3packs of exante than you will with 4packs of CD (4packs on CD = 552Kcals; 4pack on Exante = 800Kcals/3packs on Exante = 600Kcals)

From what I can gather from the site, its really upto you if you have 3 or 4packs. They suggest that if you are over 5ft 8, very active or have a lot to lose you may want to have 4packs. Im 5ft 11 and about to start Exante - I will be starting on 3packs but if I feel I have a particularly busy day at work - I will go to 4.

Without making this post too complicated - they say 3500calories = 1 pound of fat!

Therefore if you are on 600Kcals per day thats a deficit of 1400Kcals a day or 9800Kcals a week = approx 2.8 pounds of fat a week.

With the 800Kcals per day thats a deficit of 1200Kcals a day or 8400Kcals a week = approx 2.4pounds of fat a week.

So technically there is only a 0.4pounds of fat difference between 3 a day and 4 a day.

However this is only average - there are factors such as height, weight, age, metabolism rate etc etc to take into consideration. At 5ft 11 I will burn more calories in a day than someone of 5ft for example. The same as someone of 600lbs will burn more calories than someone of 200lbs during the day as the body will require more energy. Therefore the overall deficits will increase and the pounds loss will be greater! :D

Just another point to make though, sometimes you can have too few calories to get your body burning fat, so I suggest starting on the 3packs see how you feel, how the weight loss is. If its slow or you are feeling deprived of energy (this is normal in the first week or so, but once you get into the swing of the diet, you should have more energy than when you were on food!), add another pack as amazingly sometimes adding more calories is what you need to get your body to lose more! Youll need to do this once you up the exercise routine as well.

Hope this makes sense and its of help! Sorry for the waffling and long winded post, its difficult to explain in text! :eek:
Thanks everyone for the useful advice. I've stuttered along this week, I will do better once I'm back in work & suitably distracted.
I'm going to try 3 packs Mon -Fri with the leeway of 4 at the weekend.

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