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Does anyone else feel like they constantly have something stuck in their throat when they swallow? Mentioned it to the pharmacist the other week but all he said was it was the ketosis.
It's driving me around the bend and i can't clear it, not like cough it up, as it doesn't make any difference.
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Oh dear lesley... havent heard that one before :( Have you tried gargling with mouth wash? Another option is to give Lipotrim a ring (the number is on the LT bag) ... they were so so helpful with a couple of questions I had on week 1 ... I was even put through to the Doctor there!
Is it like a rough furry feeling? My throat feels like I've got limescale stuck in it. I tend to brush my Tongue when I brush my teeth & give it a good gargle with mouth wash xxx
Hi Lesley, yes I know the feeling its horrible! I originally thought something was stuck in my throat, but when it wouldnt move I realised it must be part of the ketosis lol... feels almost like a fur ball lol! xx


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Spot on Kay!
Just gave Lipotrim a bell Linda but how rude of them to finish at 5pm, lol!!!
Asked in Boots at lunch and the pharmacist was a bit unhelpful but suggested salt in water and gargle as it breaks it down and have to say it has helped. :)
It seems to be mostly evening and morning it happens.
Damn you ketosis!!!! :rant2:
I know.. I've not been very impressed with the pharmacists, none of them ive spoke to seem to know anything about lipotrim, one had to get the leaflet out tht they get from lipotrim to try and answer a question lol


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Wow, YES! Absolutely - I've had exactly that since about week 2.

I think I also notice it more in the mornings and evenings. Especially become aware of it when I'm in bed, but now I'm guessing it's just because there's less distractions...

At first, I was sure I could feel it slipping down a little if I swallowed really hard, so I spent days craning to see in the mirror and sticking my fingers down my throat because I was so convinced it was something real stuck there.

Eventally I assumed it must something to do with the diet, but it's so good to hear someone else say so! Thank you.


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No, thank you! It's been driving me crazy this evening. Spent half the evening gargling salt!! x
Oh bless.... sorry to hear you've all had the same problem :( I still think a call to Lipotrim tomorrow might help, lesley (hopefully) x I have an equally disturbing thing going on tonight... it looks like I might have put weight ON this week (I know, I know... I really should NOT be checking on my scales). But Week 5 weigh in is in the morning..... I would rather have a fur ball stuck in my throat than see a weight gain when I've been totally 100% !!!!!!!!!! lol x


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Do you find that gargling salt helps? I'm thinking the taste of salt may be just as bad! :-D

I'm very aware of mine, at the mo, but probably because we're talking about it... I've had it about a month now, so I'm getting kind of used to it. I REALLY hope it disappears when I'm off the diet, though!


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Oh no! I hope it's just a glitch, UKLady...

I have to admit to weighing myself at home, but I absolutely make sure it's consistent - first thing in the morning, after the loo and before my first drink, just knickers and bedsocks... :-D So far my home weight has always been exactly the same as the pharmacists.

I've experimented with weighing myself at different times of the day and it can alter by 2 or 3 pounds - I hope that's all it is for you. It could also be time of the month, maybe?

I hope you'll be able to dismiss the worries until your proper weigh-in. Good luck and get back here tomorrow to ask advice if you need...

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