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Throwing up anfter excerise class

Hiiii :)

Yesterday my mum (whos been on lipotrim for 3 weeks now and has already lost her first stone.) went to an exercise class for the first time in a long long time.

She tells me she didnt over do it.. but half way through the class she felt very very light headed and very nauseous and dizzy... then she was sick 3 times in the car park!! I told her maybe she hadn't drank enough water but she says she had...?

After that she felt quite unwell... However she is fine and dandy this morning...

Anyone had a similar experience??
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Glad to here mum's dine and fandy. I once threw up all over the place about 4 months ago, albeit I had just come out of the pub, hicc!
To be fair Curly I think the answer is in the first paragraph where you state "she ain't exercised in LONG LONG time"!
You really should take it easy initially and break into exercise slowly. But I am sure someone will tell mum the error of her ways.
Tell mum......."Oi, you, no"!;)


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My pharmasist told me this could happen if I over did the exercise. Your mum has no suger in her body to draw on for energy and this will make you very tired/light headed after exercise. He did tell me that some can feel or actually be sick. I personally think that an exercise class might be too much whilst in ketosis. He said to go to the gym and do a little cardio for say 10mins then switch to weights. Just a suggestion.
Shazpaz is right - you are not supposed to over-exert yourself - your body is going through enough as it is whilst on a VLCD. Exercise classes - especially if you are not very fit to start with - are not a good idea at all. Very gentle exercise such as swimming is ok.
I still get really lightheaded now out of the blue and thats without excessive exercise!! Glad your mums ok now Lacey x

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