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thunder thighs

Swimming breast stroke is good for the inner thighs, my dr told me to do it as my inner thigh muscles are weaker then my outer thigh muscles and it was affecting my knees (sounds weird I know lol)
If you have a bit of spare dosh they do a thigh toner in Argos for £7.99, I used to have one and it's really simple to use and you can feel it working :)

I've done this exercise too! Lie on the floor with one knee bent and one leg straight, then lift the straight one up and down, you can definatly feel that working!!! lol
Ooo thanks im defo going to invest in that! Iv recently started doing scissors (lay on your back lift your legs up and open and close them,,do reps of 10) and i can feel that work! Im starting swimming this week too . so i shall try swimming breast stroke. Thank you!
I went to the gym today and there was a different trainer, after we got talking she told me that if I wanted to strengthen and tone my inner thighs that one of the exercise balls can help to, she got me to lie on my back, flat, then she put this big ball inbetween me feet, told me to keep my legs straight and squeeze the ball with my feet for 10 seconds, 3 times, so simple but you can feel it working instantly! I have one of these balls but never used it as I wasn't sure how lol It only cost me a couple of pound from a cheapy shop :D
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This tips are great! I am going to get the toner from Argos when I get the money :)

Liv xx
I will try the ball, i have been running, swimming and using the thigh toner and i can see a slight change going to measure every two.weeks to see if i loose any inches, next week is measurement week, so im going to work extra hard this week.:)


I love fruit and veg. ;)
I might buy that Argos thigh toner, my worst part for flabbyness is my inner thighs, boo :-(
My thighs are the worst as well :( hate them! Am defiantly going to argos in the morning, although i think my mum has one in her wardrobe, so ill check there first!!!!

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