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Thursday*** lets do it hr by hr***


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning everyone, couldn't see a daily so thought i'd start it!

Just coffee so far for me, must go and get a shake soon, tummy rumbling!

Got ds home with a cold today to keep me company, still don't feel much like working, might wash my sofa covers instead!!

Have a great day all!!

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Trying to stay healthy!
Just me then?? oh well, 1 hot vanilla shake (with lumpy bits mmm!), half a litre water and another coffee down!

hi darling, your not alone,
I have had one huge coffee, half a tetra made up to 300mls of hot water, about a pint of water, want to aim for 2litres by midday,so its not going to plan
I've just done an hour's work out with personal trainer - he's actually my next door neighbour but it sounds grand ! And I'm wrecked so I'm on the computer with a choc shake, a black coffee and some water trying to raise enough energy to get a shower
Have a good day one and all x
Morning all, Glad they arrived frances please enjoy.lol.

Hope you all have a great day.xx
Hi everyone!!

I think am finally in ketosis. My mouth feels funny, it's like am sucking on a penny lol, not that I have tried it. Have only had half a litre so far but plan on having 1.5 litres by midday.
Morning everyone!
Today my morning lecture got cancelled so am pretty darn happy and have crawled back up in bed!!!

Porrige for me today, and really need to make sure I get my water in me today

Hope everyone has a great day
You are naughty sending me 4, but they will be put to good use! What did you have for breakkie this morning on your new diet?

Im still using up cd porridge so so far Ive had cd porridge, 100g of grapes and an apple, will be having no point soup about 2ish, its really strange having to think about what im going to eat.lol.
Morning. Chocolate shake for me and 2L of water already! Love the stuff.... can't get enough x


I will get into that wedding dress!
one tetra choc (dont think im gonna bother with them again just didnt enjoy it as much) but guess there handy if you in a rush or out!

no water yet or tea for that matter must get a move on with that!!
----------------------> off to get my first pint on water!!
Morning Losers... just... it's 2 minutes to 12 :)

I am struggling with water today :( gonna get glugging now...

Had a hot choc mint shake and a coffe thus far... feeling good and looking forward to the weekend :)

one tetra choc (dont think im gonna bother with them again just didnt enjoy it as much) but guess there handy if you in a rush or out!

I absolutely hated Chocolate tetras. Found them too rich. Now I have rediscovered them, hot, I love 'em. Adding hot water really transforms them.

Can't wait until I can make myself big pots of veggie soup for lunch again Susan. Don't think I'll ever go back to eating bread again.

Sarah, I haven't even started drinking water yet either, so don't worry, you're not alone on that one!


Trying to stay healthy!
ooo feeling very chilly today!! had 1 and half litres so far and am now off to make porridge and lunch for ds, must get on with the washing too!

i miss making soup this time of year, i love using butternut squash ...mmm!
Afternoon ladies! day number 2 is going well, had a lovely breakfast - grilled though as im not a fan of fatty foods. Its CDs fault lol.
Scales have dropped already woohoo. Hope it keeps gonig as well as it did yesterday.


Trying to stay healthy!
sooo hungry today, have just had 3rd pack of the day, hope i can hold out til, SS+ meal later and then all the way til bedtime, had loads of water and coffee. Might do some tidying up that'll keep me busy for a few hours!! House is a tip!


I will get into that wedding dress!
im doing rubbish!! i have drank about a half a pint thats it!!!!!!!!
HELP!!!!!!!!!! and i have a dance class tonight! so will drink more then but wanted to get through a fair bit!!

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