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Thursday Weighers!

What does star week mean? is it your period? I've never been told anything about star weeks!! how does it affect your weight loss?
What does star week mean? is it your period? I've never been told anything about star weeks!! how does it affect your weight loss?
Yep period week :rolleyes: I hate it - I retain loads of water and it can make my weight fluctuate by 2/3 lbs!!
Wow really! mabe now i wont feel so bad if i gain or stay the asme on those weeks!
Good luck everyone. I don't weigh in until tonight but I had a sneeky peek on my scales this morning and I think I have put on 3 lbs. Don't really know why and tbh I feel totally gutted. Can't decide whether to skip class and really try harder this week - decisions, decisions.

Anyway hoping everyone else is a bit more successful than me.
No don't skip class! if you've not done anything wrong then you need to go to get ideas as to why you've put on!! you might be suprised and find that your scales are completely off and leave feeling a lot better!
coffeepot, don't skip class, it'll motivate you to get back on track and as you say you don't know where you've gone wrong so have a chat with your consultant!

Plus yours scales might be out and it might not be so bad!
Thanks Leniloo and Angela. Unfortunately, I don't think I can blame my scales as they usually weigh 1lb less than sw scales. I know I really should go to class, I might go and ask the weighing in girls to hide my card so that it's not read out!!
Good luck to everyone who is weighing in today and hope you have some great results. Anybody who is thinking about NOT going to class because they have been a little wobbley this week, you must go, its times like this that you need the class most so don't ditther just go. xx
I think I may have a gain tonight but I am still going as I am VERY excited about the party tonight yay!!!! Good luck to everyone else. xxx
I'm not staying for the party now - full of cold, so am going to walk to class, get weighed and get a DVD from next door and them go home and loaf on the sofa!
Well done!!! wish i even thort i stood a chance of loosing that much! Had a chinese at the weekend but only had chicken chow mein and boiled rice with 2 prawn crackers so stayed within syn allowance. Sat i drank a bottle of champers and a couple of viddies but been good ever since and people keep on telling me i look slimmer this week and my clothes feel looser so everyone please cross your fingers for me!!!!!
good luck all you thursday ladys and gents x
only o.5lb off for me( but i did over-eat syn wise- o its my own fault) better off than on, onwards and upwards guna be strict next week
heheheh x
Well, I went to class and it wasn't as bad as I thought, only 1.5 lbs on - not good I know but hopefully I will have that off plus at least one next week.
1.5lb off for me this week!!! not bad after the weekend I had!

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