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Thyroid Help

G: 11st0lb

Hi, I posted a while ago about feeling faint and dizzy when doing slimming world and stated before i had been attending doctor for blood tests for over the past 4-5 years about my thyroid. Today got some blood test results back with the doctor calling to notify my they are borderline underactive again but all they are willing to do is continue to monitor them and re test them in two months. I am convinced this is why i am not losing weight as quick as i want and i am tired all the time. I am at a lose end and dont know what to do, can i demand to go on thyroxine? Will this even help? About slimming world iv been very very bad the past few weeks but back to class tonight and 100% i am determined to lose my weight by summer iv also discussed my weight with doctor who has advised me to stick with a maintanable weight of 12 stone 2- 10.7 as she feels this weight is realistic and a safe weight for me despite it making me still overweight with the BMI indication! So not to much to lose now :)
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hi Kirsty
I have all the symptoms of underactive thyroid but test results say my levels are fine. I have now started taking selenium supplements, (google them- aparently good for thyroid function) but also check out adreanal fatigue, similar symptoms to thyroid,Im taking magnesium and kelp for that. Ive only been taking them a few weeks, but do feel better already, (obviously - check with your doc before taking anything new!)
if youre feeling dizzy, just remeber to eat often to keep your blood sugar levels stable, loads of brown rice, veg, whole grains etc
hope you feel better soon and the weight starts falling off you! x


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I got put on thyroxine at 18. My tsh (the level they check) was 10.2, almost twice the normal range, which if I remember right is .5 - 5.5. I'd give it a month, get retested, asked them for the actual number, and if its not reduced or has increased, I'd demand that they reconsider.
Yep, you are usually on it for life, however you will get a prescription exemption card because its a chronic condition, so you wont pay for that, or any other, medications.
Good luck hon :)

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