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TickTock the clock wont stop!!


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Hi everyone,

Am on day 1 sns and holiday is just 7wks away!

This is my 3rd attempt, its been around a yr since I tried it properly, first time I lasted 21 days and lost 13lb, I got annoyed at other ppls faster, bigger losses and 'had a few days off'... of course I didnt get back on! 2nd time only lasted 10 days I think. But no bigger motivation that a holiday literally around the corner! I am determined to stick to it for the next 7wks, will worry about the 2wks all inclusive later ;)

I'm going to keep a diary to inspire me to stick with it! Good luck to everyone else x
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Made it through day 1!! dont actually feel hungry.....but the day is young lol
Hiya, I started the Kee diet today, but am switching to sns next week (very much the same but cheaper and more variety)

I don't think I'm hungry (had 1st shake at 10.45) but feel like eating so I'm just chugging on the water!

My partner and friend have done the cambridge diet before and once they had a day off could never get back on so I'm definitely going to stick 100%. Just can't wait for ketosis to kick in! Good luck :)

Age: 24
Size: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 12st 12lb (approx)

Goal: Small size 14, probably 1-2 stone


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Hi struggler,

I've had some kee diet products before, they are quite nice too but prefer sns. Good luck, sure you will be fine, have you done a meal replacement diet before? I can definately say from experiance that there is no such thing as 'a day off'! no matter how determined you feel that you can get straight back on the hunger over powers you and you more than likely wont! hopefully we stick to it, this is my final ever attempt so I really hope I last the 7wks!!

Day 3 and apart from feeling a little dizzy now and again I feel fine. Chicken salad to look forward to later :) tomorrow will be the real test though...Saturday spent not eating out, picking at crisps, just drinking water...if i get through tonight and tomorrow without succumbing to takeout I will have impressed myself lol xx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
good luck with the weekend , the 1st ones always the toughest , but stick with it and the rest will fly by in a breeze x
Hiya, no never done a total meal replacement before, I've done things like slimfast but always had a meal at the end of the day, which I'm not doing this time.

1st day has gone ok, I feel like eating, but not for hunger so that's helping me to understand some of my eating habits!

I weighed myself today and discovered I'm actually 10lbs lighter than I thought so that's a good start!

Just waiting for a bit to have my last shake now! The evenings are definitely the hardest!

I hope you make it through the weekend, I'm sure you will!

Nikki :)

Age: 24
Size: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 12st 12lb (approx)

Goal: Small size 14, probably 1-2 stone


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Oh dear, I didnt make it :-(

Started the day well with a shake but then kids went to my mom and dads for a sleepover (which rarely happens) we were so excited at having some child free time we raced out the door and ended up at nandos.....double crispy chicken, fries, spicy rice, grilled halloumi, chilli wrap!!!! followed by pick and mix in cinema, am now just having quick 5 mins on here before we go to curry house!

oh my god, what have i done?! Am at work all day tomorrow so taking 3 packs and starting over, but how stupid!!! today was day 4 and the hunger, dizzyness, nausea had only just gone, i had lost 6lb and today have ruined it all!! official weigh day is Wednesday so I will avoid the scales until then and wont know how much today has cost me, just hope that so long as I stick to it from tomorrow that i will still lose something this week!

How is everyone else getting on? better than me hopefully!! #damnweekends!


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was 4lb not 6lb...pressed wrong button lol....zero now! x
Hey, that's fine, just get back on it and you'll see the same results. Day 2 down, hunger has subsided a lot, water is going down easier now and I've got me some coke zero so taste buds are appreciating that! Today will be my first full day at home, I know that those habits are going to be difficult to break!

Managed 3.4l of water yesterday and a can of coke zero! I normally drink no water and just live off sugary tea and sugary juice!

Felt more lightheaded yesterday, hoping that lessens today.

Hope you get back on it ok :)

7/6/13 - 12st 2lb, BMI: 29.9
Hi Struggler, do u really think my day off wont make much difference? really hope not as only 6wks & 6days till Ibiza now! We went a bit mad yesterday, nandos lunch and buffet restaurant for dinner!, back to day 1 for me this morning....hungry already! Luckily I am work today and only have my packs so will be forced to stick to it, and during the wk hubby will be at work and kids at school so less temptation, I have to get back on it!!

You must be really pleased that you weigh 10lb less than you thought, dont get a better start than that!! Hard to stay away from the scales isnt it! i'm so impatient I always want to know how I am getting on, hard to stick to once a wk!. Not sure but think 3.4lts of water might be a bit much?! says something on sns about drinking 2lts but not to drink too much as dangerous or something? sure its better than not drinking enough tho and def better than sugary tea lol

As long as you jump back on it won't make a difference, it's just a tiny setback :)

The Kee diet says to do 2-3L of water a day so may have overdone it slightly!

Lightheadedness is less today, so pleased about that. Food seems to tempting :(

I'm wondering if I can have a stock cube in some hot water, the carbs and calories aren't a lot, and it would be nice to have something else to drink!

How has today gone for you?

7/6/13 - 12st 2lb, BMI: 29.9
Hope so, starting to struggle a bit tbh! just done my bosses dinner, would be so much easy if everybody else starved too lol. Have to keep remembering holiday isnt long and diet isnt for long, will soon be on all inclusive holiday and can eat and drink what i want then, so hard to not eat now tho!

Ooo i know this lol! yes you can have an oxo!, be a nice savoury drink. Theres hardly any cals or carbs, you're meant to put it on the food diary bit in sns website to make sure you dont go over allowance, but you wont.

Is today day 3 for you? have you had a sneaky look at scales?
Yes nearing the end of day 3, the oxo drink was amazing! So needed that salt intake!

I did have a sneaky look - and have lost 3lbs! :)

You have to make your bosses dinner?! Would def be easier if everyone else didn't eat lol, my partner and dad are eating in a separate room bless them so it's not to difficult! Did have to feed the child I look after yesterday though, that was quite difficult, especially the pudding!!

7/6/13 - 12st 2lb, BMI: 29.9
Wow 3lb already! thats fab!

I'm just drinking a bovril which is helping! i only work Sundays but its a 24hr shift as carer to 2 disabled women, now cooking the other girls dinner, glad i have had my bovril, has taken edge off the hunger!

Roll on tomorrw, kids breakfast and pack lunches then i get to avoid food until teatime!
Thank you :)

I've woken up hungry :( that's not good, I'm going to go shopping later and see if I can find a tea that I like. Do you know of any naturally sweet teas we're allowed?

Had a stock cube and I think it gave me diarrhoea so no more of that for me!

I get to avoid food today too, so that'll be helpful

Let me know how you're doing later on x

7/6/13 - 12st 2lb, BMI: 29.9
9/6/13 - 11st 13lb, BMI: 28.7


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Hi I'm on CWP at the moment I'm planning on moving over this week to S&S. I honestly think you should try and avoid 'off days' they not only mess with your body (ketosis) but they mess with your head, and there lies the danger :(

The hunger hasn't really gone for me, it's eased compared to the first few days, but it's still there (today is day 11) I went to the pub with my husband and children Friday night while they all had a meal, it killed me! I went to the toilet looked into the mirror and asked myself 'what's more important? A quick meal now, that could potentially ruin my journey, or get a back bone, grit my teeth a bare it, to reach my goal' I did the later! I didn't die, the world didn't end, and I'm still losing weight, while in ketosis :) this isn't forever, but it's worth the sacrifice, to make it to goal weight in my opinion x

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How are u doing today Struggler? hunger gone?

Day 6 for me but only day 3 of 100% so still a tad dizzy, much better than yesterday though, weigh in tomorrow, am hoping I can lose 3-4lb, I know it wont be as much as it could have been but oh well, I will still be happy considering!
Week 1 weigh in and I lost 6lb!! very happy with that considering my naughty day off!!
Day 4 of 100% now and hunger has gone, so onwards and upwards :)
OMG curse of the Saturdays struck AGAIN!! yesterday started ok, had chocolate shake for breakfast then hubby pops to b&q and comes back with krispy kreme doughnuts!! ended up having 2 doughnuts, pub lunch followed by chocolate cake and then as if that wasnt bad enough we had a curry later on! back to day 1 for me today!!! 5wks+6days until Ibiza!.
Its my sons 7th birthday next Saturday and we are going to drayton manor for the day then pizza hut....have decided I am going to most likely have every Saturday off, 6 days on 1 day off, will surely help me lose a little before my holiday?!?

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