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Time between packs


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Hi all,
I was just wondering how much space we should leave between packs. Today I had a busy day, I had my first pack at 1pm and then I was away from home so I didn't have my second pack until 7.30pm. I'm planning to have my third pack around 10.30pm but I was wondering if they're too close together? I can't see anything in the booklet but was just wondering. Thanks.​
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I have had a shake at 2pm then another at 7pm...so about the same time as you and was wondering if it was ok to have my soup now too?


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There isn't, as far as I know, any guidance on the spacing between packs. I've read before that some people have 2 at once sometimes. My only reservation with that is that you could potentially have a bigger carb hit that way and slip out of ketosis - which might bring on an attack of the munchies...

So I'd say you should be fine so long as you leave say 2 hours between shakes/soups. But as I said, I don't think there's any hard and fast rule.
I have 2 bars a day and have them broken into small chunks with a cup of green tea each time (and water inbetween). I find this lasts me from about 9am to 4pm then I have a mousse later in the evening. Works for me as there are no time limits on eating the bars
I'm only just havin my 3rd shake today! lol
As far as Im aware it makes no difference, icemoose used to have all his as a three course meal at night!!


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I only started this week and specifically asked my cdc about this, she said it didn't make any difference, and people can do whatever suits them. She told me you can mix or split the powders if you want to get different flavours as long as you get the amount you are supposed to have in the 24hrs.
I am loving the vanilla, split in half (use scales to measure 20g) made up with a teaspoon of coffee added and whizzed with crushed ice.....just like a frappe - for some reason reminds me of holidays! The bonus of splitting them is I feel like I'm getting 'more' if you know what I mean. Going to try vanilla/choc with coffee next..our own cd mocha! xx


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Hey hon,
You can have them when you want, I do tend to have 1 in the morning one say about 2ish and later on.........
Its really when you feel you need them.......
Hope your getting on ok xx


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Hey thanks for the advice :)

That sounds really nice butterfly, I love the cappuchino ones with extra coffee and ice :)

Thanks Curlywurly, I just completed my 5th day 100% SS so I'm happy, time flies so quickly :)


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i have all 3 of mine between 5pm and 9pm on a regular basis and its never made any difference to my losses hun!


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I split mine up, as I sometimes find a whole shake can bloat me- half shake with loads of crushed ice or porridge for brekkie about 7.30am, half a bar about 10.30am, a whole shake or soup at 12.30 (I have more time to drink it then), half a mousse about 6pm, then either another half iced shake or hot shake about half hour before bed. I have a 600w hand blender which makes everything at least double in volume :D

That way I feel like I'm having loads and trying to satisfy all my different flavour needs throughout the day.

Somewhere between that lot I might have half tsp of veg mix (normally about 3.30pm) and maybe the fruit mix made into jellies for the evening- half tsp makes about 3 jellies with a pint of water for me :D xx

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