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TIME FOR ACTION Annette's food diary


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I've been (mostly) on plan for 10 weeks now and I'm very happy with my losses so far - just over a stone in 9 weeks, which no-one can grumble at. This week though I've given it my all and ended up STS which soooooo disappointed me and prompted a massive binge yesterday. :eek: :eek:

Saturday's food:-

Breakfast - just a banana

Later Breakfast - large white sub roll (average 13 syns) with LF spread (2 syns?) filled with 3 sausages (WW so not too bad - 1.5 syns ), frylight egg & frylite mushrooms with brown sauce (probably around 2 tbsps so 2 syns).

No lunch but ate a cadbury's mini roll (6 syns) and a one finger Time Out (I'm not sure of actual syn value but guessing 4 or 5)

Dinner - 4 small yorkshire puddings (8 syns) with stew (EL beef, lots of veg) with lots of gravy (4 syns?)

Stayed up very late with hubby, drinking and putting the world to rights (as we do frequently on saturday nights :D)

8 vodka & cokes (20 syns)
Pkt of D'Lites (crisp type snack - 3.5 syns)

I haven't - and really don't want to - count up the total syns for the day!!! :hide:

So I got up today (at lunchtime) :eek: but with the right attitude - yesterday is history and today we start again and to help to keep me on plan I decided to tell the world (well - maybe just you lot) what I'm eating everyday and throw myself wide open to your comments, critisisms and suggestions.

You all have my permission to be honest with me - to the point of brutality but only if you feel its necessary!!!! ;)

So today's menu consisted of . . .

No breakfast cos I slept til lunch time - but I did get up with an enormous appetite!!! (see lunch).

Lunch - 5 medalions of bacon, frylite egg, tons of mushrooms, 12 cherry tomatoes, half a tin of beans and 2 small slices of wm bread toasted (hexb)

Afternoon snacks - 2 kiwis, a large orange & a banana

Dinner - SW egg fried rice with onions, peas & sweetcorn and pork stirfry. Used EL pork fillet (splashed out a bit cos it is sunday, lol) with half a bag of Iceland Frozen oriental veg (contains 6 SF & 1 free veg), tin of waterchestnuts and half bag of bamboo shoots, soy sauce, 1 tsp flour (1 syn) & chinese 5 spice, and it was delicious.

As I type I'm on my 3rd vodka & coke (7.5 syns) . . . . just to round off the weekend ;) but feel fairly good as I've only had 8.5 syns today. As I haven't had my hexA today I've taken a calcium supplement - have to cos my teeth are sooooo sensitive and more so since I started SW and drastically reduced my cheese intake. :cry:

I know I have to do some serious damage limitation for the rest of the week but I fully intend to give it my best shot.

Wish me luck and feel free to :asskick: if you think I need it.
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Don't worry about your day off, just draw a line under it as you have done and get back on track :)

What you have eaten today looks great :)
Feel free to drop by my food diary and shout at me too - some days I need a kick up the bum :)

Just saying hi
L x

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Thanks for the support Princess. Gonna drop by your thread to see if I can muster up a bit more inspiration.

Today I've been very good so far - breakfast was half a punnet of strawberries and a banana with a shape zero yogurt. Lunch was a portion of SS soup with 2 scan brans followed by an apple.

Planning to have 2 portions of fish for tea probably with my cheese allowance and have it with sunday's leftover jersey royals and veg (gift from mum). At the same time I will be cooking Asda special angus burgers with cheese and chips for my hubby and son! :mad: My own fault really cos I've just been shopping and can't walk away from a bargain on the woopsie counter. lol.

On a better note though I have bought 3 carrier bags of fruit & veg which I am determined I am going to use up this week before friday's WI. I've got lots of the usual fruit but also a few tropical fruits too that I've not tried before cos there were several special offers on today. Will let you know in due course what I think of them all.

Just off now to the bargains thread to tell everyone what they've got on offer.
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My mum and I make slimming world meals - such as today we made shepherds pie SW style and just didnt tell them it was heathly

This is because they give off saying THEY are not on a diet and shouldnt have to eat 'veggie' stuff lol
i had quorn burgers as i dont like mince....but they never knew the difference lol

Somedays its two different meals tho...

hope your ok today
just dropping in

p.s. dunno how you can eat those scan brans - carpet tiles :(


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Hiya Princess - I know what you mean about not telling them what they're eating! lol. Although I have to say my hubby and son are very supportive and neither is a fussy eater so they will eat whatever I put in front of them - as long as it has some meat on the plate. I suppose its just me, I'm my mother's daughter and we both have to feed people. And whilst I know they'll eat the things I do, I don't wanna make them feel deprived so I once or twice a week I'll do proper pizza or burgers and real chips for them and I have a SW meal on my own. I guess I'm just an angel, lol, :angel09:

Managed to stay on plan yesterday but fancied a chocolate fix late on so had a mini pkt of chocolate buttons, about 3.5 syns I think.

So far today I've been really good:D

Breakfast was a huge fruit salad with banana custard mullerlite.
I had melon, strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, papaya, blueberries, sharon fruit, dragon fruit, orange and grapes. Took me about 45 mins to eat it! lol, but so much SF and SS food.

Lunch was a portion of SS homemade veg soup with a large slice of WM bread (hexB) and another slice bread (3 syns) with a tsp of reduced sugar jam (0.5 syns) and a banana. Needed a sweet fix and figured a jam n nana sarnie was better for me than chocolate biscuits.

Decided to go with bread instead of scanbrans cos you're right about the taste, I liken it to eating cardboard, but I force it down every couple of days to keep the movements regular! (TMI - I know! but I'm gobsmacked that I need to have the scan bran on top of all the f&v I eat these days! :confused:)

After lunch I forced myself to go to the gym, my heart really wasn't in it and my knee was playing up - nothing serious, just wear & tear with old age, lol, but glad I went. Had a chat with my trainer about my knee and she says I should give zumba a miss tomorrow and rest it a bit.

For dinner I made a spag bol - spent nearly 2 hrs chopping up red, green & yellow peppers, half a large punnet of mushrooms and 2 large onions. Fried them all off with 1 lb EL mince then added grated courgette & grated aubergine, (because those 2 don't enjoy a plateful of veg with their spag bol :rolleyes:) then added 3 cartons of passata and a ton of herbs & garlic & stuff and put it in the oven. Served it with a 50g portion of WM pasta and my cheese allowance (hexA). OMG!!! it was the nicest spag bol I've made in a long time. Even hubby commented. We've all had a big portion today and there's easily 3 more so gonna freeze them for next week.

So, all in all, today has been pretty good for me, of course there is still time for the chocolate monster to put in an appearance before bedtime. :D


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Your meal sounds great for today
I'm gonna grab some carpet tiles :) at SW on thurs and give them another go - still bloated and stuff from the baps yesterday TMI from me also ;)

Spagbol sounds nice but i don't like mince - but I have a suspicion my lovely mother used to grate carrots into our dinners too :)
Although I love carrots. My OH says I'm a rabbit cause all he can hear is CRUNCH and he turns round and I'm chomping on a whole carrot like bugs bunny :)

Chocolate monster hunts me in the evenings and night too! Avoiding eye contact by surfing the site :)

Can't sleep
Just popping in

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Saw my husband off to work this morning then made myself

2 boiled eggs
1 large slice wm toast with elf spread (hexB + 1syn)
Another slice WM toast with 1 tsp low sugar jam (3.5 syns)
1/4 of a melon

Sat down with a cuppa and started to watch waterloo rd on catchup tv, then prepare tonights meal. thinking I had a leisurely morning to myself before my stepgrandsontobe (hopefully! - long story) arrived at lunchtime for my regular wednesday babysitting job.


Phone rang half way through the programme, when I was just draining my cuppa and trying to decide whether to have another one or be good and have a green tea -

my mum "where are you?"
me "on the other end of the phone . . . at home - duh!"
my mum "you've forgotten - haven't you"
me "OMG!!!!!! give me 10 mins and I'll be there!!" :sign0007:
*slams phone down, dashes upstairs to get washed & dressed, grabs hairbrush and throws it in handbag, grabs car keys and arrives at mums house 9 mins later*

I'd forgotten I was taking mum for a hospital appt but I just managed to get her there in time. ::character00182:

Anyway, arrived back home at lunchtime and managed to grab

a pkt cooked chicken
a banana & an apple

not enough really but literally only had minutes before I had to rush out again. I'm now starving so just scoured the SW website for chinese takeaway ideas and decided I'm having

Beef & mushrooms with boiled rice (4.5 syns)

Off now to collect it.


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Just make sure you weigh it :) some portions can be double

It's within your syns
Go for it :)

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I didn't weigh the takeaway but I'd only had 4.5 syns before that so I'm guessing I'm still within my syns allowance. One thing to note for next time though is that there wasn't enough veg in the meal for EE plan so will order extra portion of stirfried veg next time.

The good news though is that the choccy monster didn't get chance to strike last night - we didn't have dinner until 7.30 ish and I was so tired I was in bed for 9.30.

Today I haven't been that good although still on plan.

Breakfast was just a banana and an apple. (not enough!)

Lunch was a bacon, egg & mushroom sarnie with half a tin of baked beans. (5 syns for white bread)

I've really been missing white bread so bought a WW Danish White yesterday so I could have my bacon sarnie on white bread but its 2.5 syns per slice and its so thin that it was falling apart in my hands cos there were so many mushrooms on it, so not such a good idea. Dont think I'll bother with it again once I've used it up. May try and put OH & DS's packed lunch up with it to get rid of it. lol.

Not prepared anything for evening meal so think I'll use fish & frozen veg out of freezer and boil some jersey potatoes up. Need to get more fruit down me today so will do a fruit salad for dessert.

WI is tomorrow morning and we have a taster session - not sure whether to make the "rocher" chocolates or the lemon fingers. Have to go to supermarket anyway as need ingredients for either of them.

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