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Time for me to refeed.

I hit my goal weight this week, i'm over the moon. I'm also feeling really weak and dizzy at times so have decided tonight to start my refeed tommorrow. Very excited, i'm going to have a tinned tuna and salad. And... have just had half a glass of diet coke to celebrate (it says i can on the refeed sheet) omg it tasted so nice. Thats maybe the ketosis over with so no going back now! Glad to see some other people are refeeding and early days just now. xx
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Good luck! you've done so well, keep us updated as to how u get on x
Thanks Misssy. xx
Today have had -

b- vanilla coffee shake

s-Diet coke at pictures with my daughter -omg-yum

L- 6 0z Turkey cooked in water which is loads with salt and pepper and rocket, spinach, tomatoes, pepper and onion, balsamic vinegar and lemon. Was so nice and had no problem clearing my plate.
D- will be a shake.

Am working my way through usual water and had a milky coffee too.
feel good, still in ketosis as not hungry??

Felt starving last night but coped with a coffee and milk. Woke up hungry today so had half a vanilla shake in coffee and will have the other later. Get two meals today so hopefully will feel better tonight. Where is everyone?? Any replies very welcome. xx


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Well done on reaching your goal love :)

Menu for yesterday looked fab. Go easy on the salt though - you will probably find you actually don't need it. I never ever add salt to anything now.

How are you feeling today?
Do you have your menu already planned?
Hi thanks for replying. I feel washed out and lethargic but have felt that way for a while, like i need to eat something. Is this common? May go and get blood tested for anaemia just in case.

Have food planned l-turkey and salad D-fish with lemon and balsamic cooked in foil with broccoli and will do some boiled new pots for family.

Good advice about salt, only put it on b/c refeed sheet said I could. x


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I went to add salt too untill Jan pointed out i wont need it and ive never use it now!

Enjoy your food today :)


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Good Good :) x
I'm flipping hungry again tonight. Had my fish fillet cooked in foil parcel with lemon juice and peas and broccoli. Quite bland but i liked it and so did the family :) . My plate looked a bit meagre with no potatoes so hopefully tommorrow i'll be less hungry. How different we all are, some people struggle to refeed whereas i'm hungry. I walk to school and back so i'm walking at least an hour everyday, maybe that has something to do with it. So Diet coke, bath, lots of water and tv fest, bring on tommorrow and my potato x


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Are ya sure it's actual hunger love?
Are ya still drinking atleast 2 litres of water?

I know sometimes when I drink diet coke and especially when I first introduced it after tfr it used to make my belly rumble. Easily confused with hunger rumbles.

Don't mean to sound patronising btw.
Not patronising, thanks for replying. I am drinking 2 litres but its an effort. Not too bad just now, its weird and I want it to stop as its not sustainable. I do understand that ketosis has gone and my calorie intake is low still until day 4, just need to hang on a bit. It would help if i knew others felt this way too.


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Im not sure ive heard of others being hungry on refeed although im sure there are others.

You really should try and stick with drinking atleast 2 litres of water. It is sustainable. Try it with 4x 500ml bottles and drink 1 every coupld of hours :)
Hiya, no I meant being hungry is not sustainable for long term success. Will defo drink minimum 2 litres water. Really appreciate your help. x

Tommorrow having b- shake l-tuna salad with the potato d-fish and green veg.


Here we go again!
Sounds as though you're finding refeeding OK, really glad for you. Stick with it, you're doing great. Not sure what to say about the hunger though, I never had that myself whilst refeeding. I do agree with Tanya though about the diet coke. I wouldn't go mad with it just in case it is giving you those hunger pangs. Good luck!
I'm feeling better today, will be wary of the diet coke thanks for the tip I have been having one can a day so no more than that. Have drank my first litre of water already.

B-vanilla shake
L-Tin of tuna in brine and salad -lettuce, rocket, toms, onion, cucumber and peppers. white wine vinegar. Nice lunch and left some tuna as felt like I was being a pig and clearing my plate from habit.
D-will be Cod in foil, some chilli flakes, peas and broccoli and potato. x
Evening meal-baked cod with broccoli, peas and onion and potatoes. Measured out 8 oz of new potatoes but only had half as it was loads.
s-diet coke.

Tommorrow the fun starts as I can have fruit, yoghurts and meals.

And i'm still losing weight, :D half lb a day so far, not complaining lol. x


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Looking good :)

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