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Time for tea?

Hi everyone
just a bit confused about the tea thing .......i love tea... a lot...day five of induction and had not had one ,but had some there just now with a drop of full fat milk does the caffeine interfere with the ketosis or is it ok ...have being drinkin decaff coffee all week but its just not the same..
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So long as you stick to a max of a couple a day you'll be fine i'd have thought. I think it says 2-3 cups are allowed in the atkins book. If you're used to drinking caffeine and then go to nothing suddenly it can do as much harm as anything else. Going in to ketosis can be horrid enough for some people but then cutting out the caffeine on top just adds to it. I'd say you were fine... Cream is lower carb than full fat milk but then full fat milk is also lower than semi or skimmed... I usually count tea/coffee i've put milk into as 1g whereas when i use cream i count it as 0.5g.
Thanks Claire
Thats helpful, it was the one thing i am really missing since i started. i was drinking about 4 bottles of diet coke and lots of tea every day ..i think if i allow myself one every day things will be easier,
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If you've managed to ditch all that diet coke n got yourself down to one brew a day you deserve a round of applause!! That's a fantastic achievement in itself! I can't cope without my morning coffee, it's like a ritual, sets me up for the day. Considering i'd get through about 10 cups back when i was in the RAF i think down to 1-2 a day is an achievement. Was weird going from skimmed milk allowed on CD to the cream allowed on atkins though!


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What about the herb teas Michelle? apart from the fruit ones they are mostly low carb love.

Lady Marmalade

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Another former tea addict here, I used to chug about 8 or 9 mugs a day. When I first started Atkins I cut it out for the first two weeks (and suffered terrible withdrawal headaches). Once I was well on the weightloss road I went back to one (LARGE) mug of tea with full fat milk with my brekkie. I don't think I could eat eggs and bacon or sausage without a cup of tea to wash it down...

The rest of the time I stick to decaf coffee with cream (or sometimes with full fat milk) and herbal or green teas.
GOING TO HAVE ONE A DAY, FROM NOW ON. Really feeling the effects of the cut down on all the caffeine so relaxed and a lot less stressed( have a tendency to being a bit wound up over the smallest things)

As for the herbal tea Jim, i have them the odd time but as L.Marmalade said you have to have a proper cuppa with eggs and bacon to make you smile



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LOL, Morning Michelle. :)
Good morning Jim,
Was just thinking there you might be the man with the information about a good
multivitamin...book very confusing( i know i said that a lot about the stuff in the book i am beginning to sound very slow)

The book recommends atkins 3 or something. At the moment i am taking vitiman b and evening primrose Any ideas?:)

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
S: 13st3lb C: 10st9lb G: 9st12lb BMI: 24.8 Loss: 2st8lb(19.46%)
Ha ha, that'll be the old energy rush kicking in! Glad to hear you're feeling good.

Don't worry about not exercising in the first week, most people don't feel up to it and you don't want this diet to feel punishing or it will be much harder to stick to. Gradually introduce more exercise as you start to feel more energised.


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Michelle, I took a basic multivitamin, a selenium and a fish oil during induction. I still take the fish oil.


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I tried no tea for a few days but just thought life was too short! I don't drink or smoke, and now I don't gorge on sweets, so not being allowed my beloved tea was a sacrifice too far!

I have switched to soya milk though as I found the regular stuff was just using up too many of my carbs. Soya is ok, the unsweetened organic stuff - it smells like cardboard but tastes pretty normal!

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I find that too Hooya - I have unsweetened soya milk in my tea - but I have redbush/rooibos(?) caffeine free tea. I really like it. and the odd liquorice tea if i fancy something sweet. I can't have a lemon and ginger tea without honey - just doesn't taste right!

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