Time to beat the bulge and join Cambridge for first time.....HELP!!!


Hi Everyone,

I am hoping to start the Cambridge plan towards the end of the month.
Do you have any tips / advice for me - I have a massive goal in sight, which comes in the form of a size 10 silky red dress that is hanging staring at me everysingle morning I wake up... At the moment I am a size 18/20:mad: and I need to lose about 7-8 stone.

I tried SW for a while but life got hectic and I didn't have the time needed for meal planning when I was working long hours. So I now need something that is disciplined and simple.

This time I am going to keep a blog / diary every single day and try 1l0% to get to my goal or as close to as I can by this time next year. I have joined the gym which I am trying to use about 3 times a week.

So if you guys have any advice for me I'd be very grateful.

Look forward to chatting with you all!

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Good luck Cazo, sure you will be in that red dress in no time :) x


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I think its best to keep it simple for the first week of CD without all these extra goals- its amazing to complete one CD week so gotta be proud of that first then look forward with gym goals etc :) That's how I'm doing it anyway, had a sneeky peak at the scales today and was amazed to see them saying 15st 3lb (10lb weight loss in 4 days!!) Im sure this is more because it was the morning and I'd eaten enough for 500 the day before my first weigh in but it does show CD can give real results! Think positive :)


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It works it's hard but it works after 2-3 weeks u start to get used to it you just have to learn to get out of habits you have become accustom to xx


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Read lots of diaries, that certainly helped me in the first few days, and even now I find this forum and the people on it the best encouragement and support anyone would need when embarking on something so blimmin hard as this plan.

Good luck, and please keep coming back - we'll all be waiting for your updates now! x