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Time To Get a Grip

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted on here for ages and as most of you know when people go quiet it means they are struggling.

My eating or should I say binging has really gotten out of control and if I dont get a grip another year will pass and I will still be fat! I'm about to turn 39 and I'm worried that I'm going to do some serious long term damage to my health if I carry on like this.

I started CD in Oct 07 and did well right upto Christmas but since then I've been on and off the Cambridge wagon more times than I care to remember. However I've had about a 6 week break from it and feel ready to try again.

I've just phoned a new CDC and have an appointment for tommorrow night. So thats it Thursday the 1st May 2008 is the day I start to fight back against the carbs!

I will weigh on my scales in the morning and update my ticker.

I was going to say wish me luck but I know that this diet works and I dont need luck I just need to do it!

Its good to be back

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I know this is not in the diary section but i feel like getting some things down on paper so I'm just going to do it here.

Up till yesterday I had been low carbing for about 2 weeks and had been doing well and then I started to binge. Got up today and immediately made myself some toast which led to some more. Then I made some cookies with my 3 year old which I proceeded to eat the majority of. Didn't really feel like lunch but later found some choc biscuits which I chased down with some crisps. Made the boys a healthy dinner which I didn't want and was really disappointed when I went to the freezer to get out a pizza to find there was none. I was just about to phone a takeaway when something inside me snapped and I phoned a CDC instead.

I have about 2 weeks of packs left and I was going to start ssing by myself then contact a cdc. But I know what I'm like if I dont have someone to be accountable to. The weekend would come, the wine would beckon and I would postpone my restart till Monday. Only this week is a bank holiday so that would be Tuesday then before you know it we would be half way through the month and I would be half a stone heavier.

I have poured myself a drink and rather strangely dont feel like eating. I dont really want to go on about this being my final attempt at a VLCD and this being IT! But I do have to start to take responsibility for my weight, my health and my life because its not just me that it effects.



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Good for you Jac! Welcome back and like you have already said "just do it" xx


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Thanks for the message Blue moon

So weighed in this morning at 17st 8lbs or 246lbs. This is truly horrendous for me. I have decided to set my target at 10st 6lbs -146lbs so I need to lose 100lbs! Hopefully the fact that I've got over 7stone to get rid of will concentrate my mind and help me stick to this.

I'm not seeing my CDC till this evening so no doubt my official CD start weight will be more but for my ticker I will use my own scales first thing on a Thursday morning. I have some supplies left from the last time so I will be able to start today.

The CDC I'm seeing tonight is not the one I used to go to so I'm hoping that I can draw a line under everything and start a fresh. The CDC I started with lives really near to me and is lovely but that is part of the problem. She doesn't weigh her clients and doesn't really give you a set appointment time. Its all a bit too casual for my liking. Although I know its upto me to stick to the plan I need to have more structure and I hope this CDC will suit me better. The fact I have to travel to see her at a set time each week and have my weight recorded will require commitment from me.



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Met my CDC last night. She's lovely and gave me a mixer, some ketostix and a few extra packs for free. But she is also tough and wouldn't let me have bars or waterflavourings(not that I wanted any).

She also advised me not to SS+ or 810 initially, just to get my head down stick to SS and get the weight off as quickly as possibe. She seems to think I could lose about a stone in the first week.
Hope I dont dissapoint her!

So today is day 2 and it is going well. If I can make it through the weekend then I know I will be fine.

I'm meeting up with another forum member on Saturday morning and really looking forward to it.

Hi Jac,
You can do it this time. I can see your determination in your posts. I am like that at the moment too (long may it continue!) We are similar weights just now, so we're both in the same boat! Although I initially started off earlier this year 2 stone heavier than I am now. I'm on day 5 now, so not far ahead of you. Keep strong and you'll do well.

Good luck Jac - the first few days are hardest aren't they ? Hope you can stick in. I'm in same position - trying to get a full week under my belt but getting there !


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hey jac, sounds like your new CDC is lovely and just what you need to help you keep on track. Keep up the good work xx


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Thank you everyone for your kind words of support.

Well week 1 weigh in reveals a loss of 8lbs. I'm fairly happy with this as Sat/Sun and Mon I did 810 as I was feeling so hungry and it being a bank holiday weekend didn't help.

Now firmly in ketosis so hopefully week 2 will be a little easier.

I have been trying to go for a walk everyday and be as active as possible around the house and garden. As a result I haven't been on here much. Also my pc is playing up a bit.

I would like to be 3 stone down by the end of June so thats another 34lbs to go 7/8 weeks!

We shall see.

Hi Jac, Having read your posts it is clear that you will succeed because like you said you just have to do it, there is no thinkin "oh but will it work". We know it does. I'd got down to goal November 2007 and have regained about 3 stone since then. I can't believe I sabataged. Its taken a while to get my head in the right place. Keep us updated and congrats on your 8IB weight loss.


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Well I had my week 2 weigh in and have lost a further 5lbs. Was a bit dissapointed not to get to that magical 1 stone marker but it is TOTM so we will see what happens next week.

Generally I am finding it easy to stick to at the moment but weekends are hard.

I have decided to start taking better care of myself. I had my hair done last week(dont like it) and yesterday I went to the chiropodist. Next Fri I am having my first ever facial and on Sat morning I am going for a colonic!

I'll let you know how it goes.

hi jac
you are doing so well, you have done really well to get back on ss, i just can't seem to do it. i keep trying but i get bored or just plain talk myself out of it. im goin to give it another go and reading you post has really helped me to focus.
keep up the good work, you will get there

take care


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Hi Everyone

Its lovely to hear from you all on this thread and I must admit I am amazed that I seem to be doing so well at the moment.

The scales are not playing ball as they haven't moved for 5 days but it is TOTM so I am not panicking.......yet!

Yesterday I decided to eat Sunday lunch with the family. I could have had chicken but decided to eat a small portion of fillet steak with salad. I have to say it was delish and I dont regret it or feel guilty in the slightest. It was lovely to sit round the table with DH and the boys and feel 'normal'. For me not eating when others are is the hardest thing about this diet. Especially if they are eating something fantastic that I have cooked.

I'm having my colonic on Sat morning and must say I am really looking forward to it. I had my first one about 4 years ago and saw an immediate improvement in my energy levels and my skin. I was going to have more but got pregnant. Then early last year I had a course of 4, which left me feeling fantastic inside and out!

Oh I nearly forgot to say I have booked a holiday, 2 weeks in the Algarve. Its not till October so plenty time to get rid of the weight. In saying that its 'only' 19 weeks away, so close enough that I will have to keep focused. Well thats the plan anyway.

Speak to you soon



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Glad to read you are doing so well. I understandwhat you mean about everyone eating around you and not feeling "normal". The first time I did CD it was hell when my then OH would have dinner and I'd have a shake. Now i'm single I don't seem to have that problem.


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I haven't been on here for a while so thought I would update you all.

Last weekend I went along to the Glasgow meet and had a fantastic time. It was lovely to be in the company of like minded people and we all had far more in common than our struggles with our weight. If you haven't been to a meet I would urge you do do so as it did me a power of good.

Last week I lost 2lbs which to be honest was a bit dissapointing. However it was TOTM and it took me to 15lbs in 3 weeks. I went to the meet feeling quite good about myself and decided to partake of a little drink or two. I decided I would eat protein and salad as I didn't want to be ill in front of my new friends. I was very restrained in my food choices but didn't feel deprived in the least as the good company more than made up for the food. Normally I would have used the occasion to have exactly what I wanted to eat and drink but I just didn't want to.

I woke up on the Sat morning and decided not to go for breakfast. I've stayed in the hotel before and the breakfasts are amazing but I just didn't want to tempt myself so stayed in my room and had a tetra. I then had a perfect SS day. On Sunday back at home we decided to take the boys to the sea side and again I resisted ice cream and fish and chips though I did pick at a little bit of chicken. Weighed in on Monday and I had lost a further 2lbs. I really felt that I had turned a corner as I had enjoyed a fantastic weekend with restrained eating and drinking, stayed in ketosis and lost 2lbs.

Then it all went wrong!

I picked on Mon ate on Tue and binged on Wed! I drive myself crazy at times. I go away for the weekend stick to the diet then back at home I balls it up for no good reason. The result is that I have regained the 2lbs and have stayed the same. I cant bring myself to update my ticker I should have lost at least 4lbs this week and it is entirely my own fault.

The good news is I had a perfect SS day yesterday and I fully intend to be perfect over the weekend too.

I'll let you know how I get on.


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