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Time to get off the fence !

:eek: OK -it's time I stopped procrastinating and got off the fence and started on WW again.
I'm 5'4" and currently weigh 175lbs, the heaviest I have ever been. Yes, 12 stone 7lbs! I'm an ample size 16 (size 18 might be more comfortable but I refuse to buy that size!!!)
For years I hovered between sizes 12 and 14, but middle age and having given up smoking 19 months ago have made a big impact. I can't stand being this size - there's a size 12 desperate to escape this ample frame!!
I needed a new dress and saw a beauty in M+S the other day. Tried on the size 16 and had to squeeze into it - and their sizes are generous :eek: That was my lightbulb moment. I've bought the dress because I'm determined to fit into it. It's hanging up in my bedroom taunting me, and I keep telling it I'll be in it very soon.
So it begins - I've found some info from last time I used WW some years ago on points etc, bought a dinky little points calculator to tote round with me, and made a shopping list of food I need to get tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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Good luck

I like the bit 'there's a size 12 desperate to escape', so true..

Oh and good luck with the shopping tomorrow
My last post didn't appear - just checking if this works...
Yep it did - must have hit 'delete' by mistake last time!
Anyway, I'm starting WW properly tomorrow - this weekend I've just been a lot more mindful about what I'm eating and why - I think a lot of my overeating is due to grazing in the evenings. You know - busy days, and kicking back in the evenings and 'treating' myself. I've somehow lost around 2lbs - I think that's just a fluke really, so will weigh myself in the morning - my weigh in day will be Monday - and see what's what.
Off to get some groceries - I fancy the leek and potato soup (found the recipe here) and make a supply for the coming week!
Thanks also for the replies - nice to know I'm not alone in this!

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Had a successful supermarket trip, now stocked up for the week ahead. Next job is to make the leek and potato soup, and cheated a bit by getting a WW main meal - but it was on offer :D
So far today I've had 11 points - evening meal will be 5 points, so that leaves me 4 points for this evening. I'm stocked up on fruit and low point snacks eg WW tortillas at 1point a pack, so should comfortably do the day on target.
Onwards and downwards...

My words exactly!
All the very best for your continuing efforts.
Bought myself a leopard print faux fur coat which I just LOVE and am determined to get into it this winter so know the feeling. Does help to keep on track.
Keeping ahead of things helps as well, so looks like you're on a winner.
Hi Emmaline - nice to meet you!
I've decided to leave my new dress hanging on the wardrobe door -I really want to be able to wear it, and if I could lose about 7 lbs, am sure I'd fit into it. It's a good motivator - and good luck on your journey to be able to wear your new coat :)
Today's gone well, apart from a bit of a stomach upset. Now, I've got lazy over the past months, not eating enough fruit and veg. Today I had veg and also fruit (slice of melon and nectarine) and I'm guessing it's my system getting used to fibre again :eek: Maybe I'll take it a bit slower introducing it.
First weigh in tomorrow morning - wonder if I'll have lost anything...

3lbs lost!

3lbs gone and 30 to go! I only really started counting points yesterday, but have been careful about what I've been eating the past week. Maybe some of it was fluid but whatever, it's given me a real boost that I CAN do this! I know from last time I did WW that I'll have weeks where I don't lose, so have to remember that and keep going.
I'm not sure if someone here told me about fruit flakes or on another forum I visit, but they work out at 3 pts a pack and really satisfy my sweet tooth (fruit pieces with chocolate) and a little bag keeps me going all evening. Evenings have always been my worst time for 'grazing'.

WOW! 3lbs off! Well done.
Mine stayed the same for the second week running. Still, it's a BLIP! That's what I call it, otherwise calling oneself a failure is designed to make us feel like giving up.
Keep up the good work.
YES, we CAN do it!!
Hiya - thanks for the replies :) I keep looking at the new dress and telling it I WILL fit into it before too long :D
The fruit flakes are actually 2 points and not 3 - they are very yummy fruity bits covered in chocolate, and really give me my fix!
I'm psyching up for the next WI - too much to hope I'll have lost another 3lbs, but I'd be pleased with 1 or 1.5. If it's STS, well so be it - just a blip!
I got one of those points calculators off Ebay (cheaper than at WW) - really handy to have, specially round the supermarket.
Big achievement stopping for a skinny latte today and not succumbing to the cake :clap:
Hope all are doing well,
Pam x
Not been on here for ages! Very pleased to report I've now lost a total of 10lbs and am a happy bunny!
And I can fit comfortably into that new dress!
Congrats, always good to have something there and knowing you can finally get into it..

I still haven't got to a size where I feel comfortable in a dress, especially not the ones my hubby keeps pointing out in shop windows and saying I would look good in.
Just found this old thread of mine from late 2010! I started out at 12st 7lbs, lost 10 lbs over several weeks, then let it slide, going back to 12st 2lbs. Now back to 11st 11.5lbs - my weight when I gave up WW last time!! This time I'm feeling more focussed, so fingers crossed!
Oh heck - my neighbour has just brought me a piece of her wedding cake! Wonder how many propoints is in that? Very nice of her though!!

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