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time to have syns

It doesn't matter when you have them hun, it's whenever it's best for you. I try to save mine for the evening so I can have my treat but saying that, syns don't have to be used for "naughties". Today I used syns for laughing cow with breakfast and for bacon with dinner this evening.

Whatever works for you hun is what's best. xx


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I dont know if there's a 'best' time to have syns, I can only have 2 days with full syns & 3-4 the rest of the days. I know Im usually very peckish & fancying naughty things of an evening so thats the best time for me. Ive never noticed having syns a different time of day affects losses.
I have mine at night but only because I snack before bed. I've tried having them in the day but then run out of ideas for syn free chocolate later lol


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i just thought because of the idea of the metabolism slowing down at night and being much more faster duing the day. could help by burning off the calories.
Thats what Ive always thought too but SW say you can eat any time during the day as long as its the 'right' foods (and syns are included as long as its the right amount) so I would say that whether you eat them in the morning or evening it shouldn't affect your weight.


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I have mine at night, when I am sat relaxing in front of the TV, that's when I find the 'munchies' attacking me....

But, I should think you could have them at any time during the day, as long as you don't go over your 15 daily syns it should be OK.


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The whole 'don't eat late at night' thing is a fallacy for the most part. Your body is still working even when you're sleeping. The very act of sleeping burns off calories and ok so you're not doing a 10 mile jog or anything but remember your body is going to do without it's foods for on average, between 6-8 hours now, so eating on-plan foods before bed is not going to do you any harm. ;)

I like a highlights dark chocolate before I go to bed if I have a few spots of milk left. I make a little milky chocolate paste then fill up with water. If I have a leftover HEB I dunk 2 ryvita fruit crunch in it. NOM!


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the skinny cow hot chocolate is 2syns for two heapfuls
the sc triple choc ice cream and mint and choc are 4.5 - however perfer the weight watchers toffee/strawberry/chocolate ice cream 100ml which is 4.5 as well

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