time to make a change


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Hello! I have been lurking for a while and thought i would say hi!
I am starting a new job in Jan (which i didn't think i would get because i am so big). But when i did i thought thats it - you can't avoid the weight issue any longer (plus getting the job was a huge esteem boost!!)
I haven't got much support from my family, only from my mum and sister. The rest of my family either don't care or are just downright nasty. My auntie always makes quips like 'mirror mirror on the wall who is the fattest of them all' and even sent me a birthday card last week with fatty u as the title.
So a forum like this is lifeline really, a place to get support and advice, have a laugh and a cry. And i am starting slimming world next week which i am nervous about, but hearing people on hear has really inspired me! I do have a lot!!!! to lose though, and sometimes wonder if i can do it

Anyhoo thanks for listening and i hope to be as successful as you all :gen126:
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Good luck at your class. Everyone here is really friendly and give great support and advise.


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good luck hon, i joined the forum a couple of weeks ago and everyone is so supportive and the forum is v addictive lol


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don't be nervous about goin to class..............everybody there was just as nervous to start with...i've made is great friends at class and we always have a laugh......don't forget to take a piece of fruit with you, for the slimmer of the week...........good luck...


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Hi and welcome :D

You will get support in bucket loads here. Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

I have lost 2 stone 2 since October 1st but still have another 8 stone to go.. I'm in it for the long haul.

Well done on getting the new job and good luck with it. What a great start to the new year. And getting some weight off will make you feel even better... here's to a new you!


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That's crappy about your family. At least you know you will have support and understanding here. Going to class is excellent, I'm hoping to afford it in the new year. Just think, new job.. new start. You can do it x


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Welcome to minimins and SW - it is a fab diet :) Good luck with the new job and starting the classes:)


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thanks for all the replies, i am touched x


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Hey well done Klairbear, i think you have done the hardest bit by deciding you have to do something! Groups are great for motivation tips and ideas. I joined SW in January, then i had a few months off and just joined back last tuesday. Even second time round for me was a bit scary but well worth it, a remember next week someone else will probably join and you wont be the newbie anymore lol!!

Good luck on your journey and keep posting! :)


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Hi Klair hunni

Welcome to minimins, I wont write a long post about your auntie like I did on MSE lol, balls to her.

Well done on your new job what a great way to start the new year am sure you will do well hun

Ikkle x


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Just like to say a big welcome:) - the advice, help and friendliness on this forum is brilliant.:)
Congratulations on the new job:) - can I ask what it is?
You know the saying you can choose your friends but not your family.:eek:
You can do it.


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Good Luck with your journey honey.

I hate the unsupportive people. Some of the guys at my work arent nice. This year i got a christmas card that said Merry Eat-mas.......Ar*e.



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hello ikkle87, i did appreciate your mse post so thank you!

irene - my new job is family support as child protection lead in a very deprived community. will be a challenge but i am really looking forward to it!!


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hello im new here too
congrats on your new job, im looking for a new one too but im so rubbish at interviews, no confidence at all!
thats shocking about your aunt, she'll be laughing on the other side of her face when you start loosing tho