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Time to nip it in the bud!!!

I have to get back on this bl**dy wagon for 9 weeks and hold on tight so I don't fall of the damn thing!!!
Did lighterlife for 3 weeks then switched to cambridge the last 2 weeks!

Where do i start? On LL week 3 I ate some cheese and some chicken. Then since I have started cambridge the last 2 weeks I have been crap, picking at all sorts and even eating full meals!

I have realised it is 9 weeks tomorrow to my work xmas night out! Last year I wore size 24 trousers, don't want to this year!!!! I am currently in a 20 (just!) and know that if I give this a 100% shot I could probably be in a size 16 wow!!!! How much more would I enjoy my night!

This is like food anonymous , getting t off my chest and being honest lol x

So tomorrow I am going to be positive and remember why I started this diet, I was thinking of swopping to WW or SWorld but should know that I can't stick to them and the weight just doesn't shift quickly enough for me!

Sorry to bang on but that's it off my chest!


Drawing a line under the last few weeks and tomorrow is my day one all over again with 9 weeks to my first target (xmas challenge) and night out!

Thanks everyone

x x xxx x x x

ps feel free to post me any encouragement lol , need it x x x
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I am back in the swing after a holiday away (a small gain) and feel the same - I'm determined now to reach goal by Xmas so I wish you luck and strength to stay 100% - it is only 9 weeks after all and I want to look back and feel proud that I made it!


Back On Track!
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Hi wobbly

Hopefully second time lucky with this post as I seemed to log myself out with last atempt to reply to you.

In nine weeks you really can make a big difference to how you look and feel, as CD offers weight losses of up to a stone per month. Thats a very significant amount of weight to dispose of in time for your Christmas party, just think of how much more gorgeous and glamourous you will feel.
I know that there is the temptation of other diets, and they do work for many people. But I chose CD because I needed a more consistent approach to achieving a fairly significant weekly loss, and I did not want to have to agonise over whether the seemingly low calorie salad or pasta dish in a restaurant might be secretly laden in fat/points values/syns etc - resulting in a Stay the Same or very low loss that week at the slimming club.
But each and everyone of us should be able to make an informed choice about which diet plan is best for our individual needs and aspirations - but you have identified in your post why other diets aren't really right for you.

Have you listed all the great things that losing weight will bring into your life, not just Christmas, but how about a happy and healthy New Year too?!
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You need kicks up the buttage :D

No words can make you stay on cd being honest but I use visulisation ;)

Why don't you buy some v cheap size 16 trousers off eBay fir instance and hang them in your bedroom , this has worked for me over the last 5 months :) I'm now heading toward size 12 trousers from 22 in may!!!! ( o the shame) my 14's fit comfy so my 12's are now hanging on my bedroom door ;)

It helps me, but might not others.... Isn't anything worth a shot ?

All the best x


is a naughty girl...
if you want something enough you can achieve it! why not try going up a plan so you can have some chicken and veg in the evenings?

Good luck, not that you need it. I am sure you are amazing!
Shall we start from today then??

I am desperately trying to be good I get married in 3 weeks! Hen weekend next weekend and desperately want to fit into the dress I've bought from Next!
thanks again for the replies!!

Up to now feeling ok, had 2 coffees!! and nearly a litre of water, gonna have a shake in a bit before i feel like eating my arm and having a biscuit lol.

Need to keep focused and think of the long term, not just how sorry i feel for myself today not having any lunch ha ha.... you know how it is.

Anyway will keep you updated if i manage 100% today!!! hope so x x

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